New One Shot

Title: Two Choices Summary: He cast a look out to his little brother and then back to the viewing piece, his decision was made and a sacrifice he was willing to make… for Matthias did not need him anymore. Fête des Mousquetaires – Sacrifice CLICK BELOW FOR LINKS – FF – AO3  – WP –

New One Shot?

Title: Severed Soul Pairing: Bog/Marianne Summary: The forest was on fire; it burned in the dead of a moonless night. It’s dancing flickers casting shadows across the floor while sending its orange glow into the sky. He had loved fire, now he detested it. – AO3 – WP –

Strange Magic Update!

Title: The Longest Ride Pairing: Bog/Marianne Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome. CLICK LINKS FOR CH 3 – WP – A03 –