Chapter Five – Zê’anbâru id-sigin’aimu

Title: A Cursed Blessing
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin

Summary: In time of great change a Prophet is born, selected by one of the Valar. When Bilbo is born, he had the markings of the Prophet but it was not One of the Valar that had chosen him, it was all.

Disclaimer: I am merely borrowing the characters of Tolkien; I do not own them unfortunately…

Author Note: Bold Italic is Khuzdul, Italic is Sindarin, Bold is Black speech and anything between }…{ is Green Tongue.


As the others ate their breakfast Bilbo returned to his room, specifically the chest at the end of his bed where it housed his weapons. The weapons that his mother had got for him long ago on her last adventure, thankfully, they were of Dwarven make. Not to be harsh or cruel but the Men couldn’t make weapons worth their weight in gold, at least the Dwarrow knew how to speak and bend the metal they work with to create a very durable and sharp blade.

“So you will be taking them then?” Yavanna asked as he lifted the lid and pulled back the cloth that kept his trident dagger and handheld bardiches. The dagger though was a gift from Aulë himself that Yavanna had given him, it was a wicked weapon that he had not heard or seen before. It looked like a dagger to men, a suitable sword for hobbits and it had a button for him to press to release the prongs so the one blade split to three whether before or after stabbing. Bilbo has only had to use that once and it was when Slavers came to the Shire a year or so after the Fell Winter.

“I will, it’ll show mister King-in-Exile.” Bilbo murmured with a smile as he picked up the weapons and secured them at his hips. The dagger slightly behind his Bardiche, it would be his backup weapon as he was more comfortable with the bardiches since they kind of felt like a hand held scythe.

“Master Baggins!” The sharp voice of the leader pulled Bilbo from his thoughts and scowled at the door.

“If he wasn’t so rude to me I would gladly find him handsome.” He expressed to Yavanna bitterly, shaking his head when she simply laughed at him.

“I’m coming!” He yelled once more as he grasped his packs and all the items he would need before slinging them over his shoulder. He didn’t waste time in looking around, nor did he let the soft sense of loss affect him as he stepped out the door and closed it.

He also ignored the pointed looks as the others caught sight of the weapons at his waist as he locked the door and hid the key under the nook near the bench for Hamfast. Only then when he had done that did he turn to face the others, a sense of dread filling him as he cast a look at them all before shaking it away.

“I suppose you have your mounts down at the Green Dragon?” He asked as he walked past them.

“Aye, that we do.” Balin replied quickly, sharing a look with his brother at the weapons. They were Dwarven make; they could see that clear as day.

“Then we better be off, has everyone got what they needed? Did you all pick up parcels of previsions?” He asked over his shoulder as he made his way down the hill tipping his head in greeting to the hobbits already up and about.

Even though he was the head of his family, he was still outcasted by the residents of Hobbiton. He had some friends yes, not like the Gamgee’s but those who could overlook his oddities. Like Drogo and his bride to be, as well as a few others and then there were of course his Took side of the family who accepted him as is. But there were some who simply snubbed him or deemed him unHobbit.

“Ah, Mister Bilbo off on another adventure are we?” Holman’s voice calls out from his Garden.

“I’ve been called yes Holman, you’ll keep an eye on Drogo and Hamfast for me will you? Drogo is soon to be wed and Regent for the Head of Baggins Family and Hamfast will have all his attention on Bell and keeping out the Sackville-Bagginses.” Bilbo replied, slowing his walk down and allowing the company to walk past.

“Oh aye, I’ll do that Bilbo. May good fortune follow you on your travels,” Holman farewelled causing Bilbo to smile.

“There will be a rainfall this week, a few days’ worth.” He explained after looking at the sky, he could feel the storm brewing and knew it would be a long one.

Holman slumped in thanks. “Thank you Bilbo, this will give me time to make sure my plants don’t drown.”

“You’re welcome, maybe this year you’ll win with your tomatoes. Good day Holman!” He spat out before catching up with the company when he felt a sense of impending ire from the leader. Thankfully they had just arrived at the Green Dragon and Rudigar was the one who had obtained and kept the horses.

“Uncle Rudigar!” Bilbo greeted with a wide smile. “I did not think to see you today, how is Aunt Belba?”

The old hobbit laughed and embraced his nephew gladly. “She’s good Bilbo, misses you dearly. I see you’ll be joining these Dwarves. You won’t need to pay then, take it as a farewell gift, make sure you come back though do you understand? Belba wouldn’t be able to handle another loss.” The joyful tone was now serious as Rudigar grasped his nephew’s shoulders tightly.

The Dwarrow shifted in surprise at that, they had expected pay for the horses welfare as it was custom now for people to demand high prices just to care for their horses. Just who was this strange hobbit that they have acquired? He had provided them with previsions, dressed down their king, gave them food and a good place to sleep.

“Just make sure you stay on the Bywater, don’t go down into the Old Forest or the Barrow-downs, the bounders heard screams commin’ from there.” The old hobbit whispered to his nephew before letting him go.

“Thank you Rudigar, I’ll make sure of that.” He whispered back before facing the Dwarrow. “We must hurry, it’ll take us two days to reach Bree, maybe four and then we have rain coming.”


They were on their second day of travel and Bilbo knew that they were close to the Barrow-downs and Bree. He could feel it in the air and earth, the taint that seemed to spread from darkness he knew not of. It unsettled Bilbo greatly, even more so when the others ignored him, made cruel jokes in their own tongue quite loudly as he pointed out several times to stop and let the pony’s to rest.

He brushed Myrtles neck gently and whispered that he was sorry for waring her out, but so far it was his and Bifur’s pony that hadn’t caused problems so far.

“Mister Boggins, I thought you said you didn’t know how to use a weapon?” Kíli asked with a jaunty grin.

Bilbo sighed at the younger, completely ignoring the brother who was chuckling on the other side of him. “It’s Baggins Mister Kíli, BAGgins. I didn’t say I didn’t know how to use weapons Mister Kíli, that is your’s, the companies and our leaders opinion. But you should never assume on things, your leader asked if I preferred Axe or Sword, I said neither for I prefer others but he did not give me reason to tell him as such since he was a rude arrogant being.”

The smile dropped from the younger’s face and Bilbo felt a flash of guilt for upsetting him, he knew that come the end of the quest that the innocence that still rested in the three youngest here would be ripped away cruelly. Bilbo didn’t want to start that now, oh no, but he didn’t want to be criticized all the way to Erebor.

“We should take a left, if we take a right we go close to The Old Forest and the Barrow-downs.” Bilbo called out.

“We will go whatever way I say we are Halfling!” Thorin called back causing Bilbo to scowl and make his way forward, pushing between the wizard and the leader.

“No, the Barrow-downs are dangerous, the Woods trick you and you will be lost forever. But the Barrow-downs are not safe now; there have been reports of screaming in the mist.” Bilbo explained, turning his sharp glare to Gandalf who seemed to pause with a frown.

“Are you sure Bilbo?” He asked.

“Of course I’m bloody well sure, Rudigar informed me that the Bounders heard the screams and that means the Barrow-wight’s are active once more and closer to the road. It is not safe to travel past it at this time.” Bilbo snapped back moving his Pony to stop Thorin once more.

Balin frowned and stopped his king. “I think we should listen Thorin, he knows these lands well. Tell us Laddie, what are Barrow-wight’s?”

“The Barrow-wights are lost and tortured spirits, the lay waiting in the fog at night for weary travellers and ensnare them with their song. Once under the spell of the creature, the victim had no will of his own. It is because of this that the Wights drag their victims down to their tombs and end them. That is merely one tale, they were sent to the downs by the Witch King, only few have survived them.” Bilbo explained seriously, earning a snort from several of the company.

“I would not dismiss him; I am one of the few who has seen them.” Gandalf snapped back, silencing the Dwarrow instantly. “We will continue on the other path just out of view of the Barrow-downs and be on our way to Bree.”


Bree: a place that Bilbo unfortunately had to visit quite frequently for trade. It was full of Big Folk, Dwarves and of course Hobbits, but the hobbits here were a little more distant, a little angrier than normal as they dealt with the Big Folk quite often.

He had not spoken to any other bar Ori and Bifur with Bofur and Bombur of course, since the night of the talk about the Barrow-wights. Though he did get many a queer looks from the company, those who expected him and thought of him as worthless, nothing but a gentlefolk.

“We will gather all we need and move on, it’s not safe here for us.” Thorin ordered and for once Bilbo agreed with him. Something didn’t sit right with Bilbo about the company being in Bree, but maybe if they split up? The sense eased slightly.

“Bifur, we need to split up, it’s not safe for us all to stay together.” The tone that Bilbo used had Bifur’s spine to go ramrod straight. It wasn’t the voice of his friend but of the Prophet, a tone he had used once when explaining things and it had an undercurrent of knowledge and power.

Are you sure?” Bifur asked softly as his Cousins and Company were distracted.

“Yes, I just get this sense of doom that comes with all of us together. If we split up it lessens, so I’m going to go gather the things I need and shall meet you on the other side of Bree. Make sure everyone knows it, get Balin to suggest it and tell Nori, he’d take his brothers.” He instructs softly before frowning. “Make sure they tell the story of going to the Iron Hills, if they mention Gold or wealth of any kind then someone will be hurt.”

Bifur nodded and spoke to his cousins while Nori cocked his head to the side and listened in, he couldn’t understand Bifur that much but he caught words here and there. But what he did know was that the Burglar had told him to split us up, danger in Bree together, meet Bilbo on other side.

The copper haired thief narrowed his eyes in thought but would listen to this, he didn’t feel comfortable in Bree either, he could feel eyes on him and his kin and that set alarm bells off but the Hobbit saying there was danger just made up his mind. With a hum he leant over to his brothers and whispered his and the burglars worries into their ears, for he will not risk their safety.

“I think we should listen, something doesn’t feel right.” Ori whispered back, causing both Dori and Nori to stare at him and that was that.

The group reluctantly separated, murmuring what they needed on their trip to the Iron Hills and it caused Bilbo to slump in relief, the continuous rise in danger began to make his skin crawl and now it was down to a manageable hum. They had taken the right path and Bilbo thanked the stars with a pain filled heart that Dwarrow were weary and mistrustful of men.

It didn’t take him long to gather the herbs he needed from the apothecary, plus bandages that he knew they would need. He was on his way out of Bree when he came to a sudden stop, his eyes flicking to the store to his left with a frown. He needed to go in there, needed to get something that was important and who was he to deny it. With a sigh Bilbo dismounted his pony and tied her to the post before making his way inside to the Traders, he let his feet guide him until he stood before a small velvet bag that had two clasps and four hair beads that were obvious of Dwarven make.

“Ah, I see you like the set yes?” The voice caused Bilbo’s head to jerk up and nod. The man was nice enough looking but he had a bad soul, his greed nearly suffocating.

“Yes, they are beautiful. I have a birthday party coming up and need some Mathoms to give out.” He heard himself saying though he knew that the only people he would be giving them too would be the owners.

“Excellent, they’re silver and gold, with chips of sapphires and rubies.” The man said. “A fair-haired dwarf traded them a while ago when I was a boy and then a dark haired one came and completed the set not long ago. We have more from dwarves if you wish to look?”

Bilbo knew whose they belonged to, he could see the sigil for the Durin house. They were marriage beads and deed beads to show great acts. The clasps looked familiar but could not place them. “I’ll take the set, what else do you have?”

He followed the very enthusiastic trader around and bought a few more trinkets, a cuff, a necklace, more beads and then a ring. A very familiar ring that seemed to speak to him. “I’ll take them all.” He stated firmly, writing out a check for how much the man demanded of it, not even caring to get him to lower the price.

He felt lighter as he walked out the store, the pouch resting in his breast pocket of his cloak. He’d have to return them to their owners when the time was right, for now he had a company to meet.

Author Note: Thank you to Illuvien for the suggestions on his powers! A Kudos to you all if you can figure out who the set belongs too!

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