Chapter Fourteen – Jalai’Gêl id-abkât

Title: A Cursed Blessing
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin

Summary: In time of great change a Prophet is born, selected by one of the Valar. When Bilbo is born, he had the markings of the Prophet but it was not One of the Valar that had chosen him, it was all.

Disclaimer: I am merely borrowing the characters of Tolkien; I do not own them unfortunately…

Author Note: “Bold Italic is Khuzdul”, “Italic is Sindarin”, ))Bold(( is Black speech and anything between }…{ is Green Tongue. Anything Underlined is windspeech or the language of the Eagles.


Bilbo felt his eyes closed as he spread out his arms and let the wind pass around him. As being a Prophet of all he had the most unusual desires and feeling the wind, the feel of flying was a rare treat. He had unfortunately in his life made quite a few mistakes where he has fallen from high places to just feel and now he can do it safely.

He tilted his head back and let the soft glow of the rising sun warm his face. For once he let go of his worries, of his fear and all that was holding back because of social backlash seemed to drift away with the wind. But it didn’t last for long as he heard Fíli’s cry for Thorin echo over the roar, it seemed to shatter the peace like broken glass and his eyes instantly snapped to the eagle that carried the king.


“He will need healing, but he is safe in my brothers’ claws, Prophet.” Landroval explained as he turned his head back when he felt his rider shift.

Bilbo slumped in relief before running his hands through Landroval’s feathers. “Thank you.”

Though he knew now of Thorin’s care, his eyes turned towards the others skimming over the ones he rarely spoke to and locked eyes on Bifur who was thankfully with Bofur. He could see Bombur was on his own eagle as was Nori, good, his little collection of friends were safe and none were overly hurt.

It had been a close call, a very close call and there would have been nothing he could have done to help them. The Eagles came swiftly on the winds call and in time, for if they were a mere second later… if they were a second later Dori and Ori may have fallen… He may have died by the White Orc’s hand and then that would be his end even though he knew it wasn’t his time.

No, something else lay onwards and Bilbo didn’t know what it would be and the ending of it. It unsettled him greatly that he didn’t know these things and that his fate still ended at the end. With a tired sigh he pulled his pack around to his chest and looked inside to see what was left, surprised to find the bag long forgotten at the bottom, the one he got while in Bree.

How could he have forgotten these? He had specifically gotten them because he knew that they belonged to the Company be it personally or from one of their family members.

We are near the Carrock, Prophet.” Landroval cawed jerking him from his thoughts.



Bilbo turned his eyes up in surprise, he didn’t realise how long he had been in thought, even though it seemed like mere seconds. But there before him was indeed the Carrock and the sky no longer twinkled but shone with brilliant colours only a rising and setting sun could create. He watched as Landroval soared around while the others were placed carefully on the Carrock, Thorin near the middle while Gandalf knelt next to him.

When it was his turn to be placed down, Landroval and his brother didn’t leave like the others but waited while three sets of hands helped him down and to his feet. Bifur, Nori and Mother.

“Are you okay? You’re not hurt?” Nori asked slightly, his eyes flickering over his own person and his brothers while Bifur just pulled him into a hug and his Mother laughed at the situation. Bilbo just huffed at all of them while his eyes flickered to Thorin who was still unresponsive, he didn’t know why his chest ached at the sight.

“I’m fine.” He sighed exasperated while pulling out from Bifur’s arms.

A sudden gasp was heard and all eyes turned towards where Gandalf knelt next to Thorin.

“The hal-Hobbit?” Thorin asked, remembering the last few glimpses before darkness.

Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. “It’s all right. Bilbo is here. He’s quiet safe.”

Dwalin and Kíli quickly helped up Thorin as he struggled to get up, jerking their hands back as he shoved them off before advancing on said Hobbit that stood a bit away from everyone with nervous eyes. Thorin had judged him worse than anything… Bakani jalâgjiji id-aznân… Bakani jalâgjiji id-aznân… was a chant in his head that made his guilt double. Fear and horror churned dangerously in his chest as the vision of his One before Azog replayed.

“You! What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed! Did I not say that you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild and that you had no place amongst us?” He roared unable to stop the fear filled poisonous words escaping from his mouth.

Bilbo just shook his head when Bifur went to speak up, his eyes down cast and stepped forward towards the King. He didn’t know why he was being timid now but he guessed it was due to what happened before Azog’s sudden arrival or maybe it was because deep down the words struck out at him.

Only Thorin had taken him by surprise in the next few words. “I have never been so wrong in my life, I am sorry I doubted you.”

Though surprised he may be, that quickly vanished and was replaced by righteous fury, his hand curled into a fist and before Thorin could register the scowl upon his One’s face the king-in-exile found himself staggering back as Bilbo punched him.

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” Bilbo snarled, sounding more dwarf than Hobbit in this very instance but Gandalf could only see Belladonna in the Hobbit before him. “YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!”

“Bilbo…” Someone warned but snapped their mouths closed as the little furious Hobbit held up his hand for silence as he marched towards the king, his finger poking him in the chest with fire in his eyes.

“I know that you have a deep seeded and understandable hate towards that monster, but to go after Azog and his beasts alone and exhausted? YOU FOOL! Your sister-sons nearly watched you die! Your family nearly watched you die! DO you think that it is only YOU who deserves to slay that wretched beast? Fool of a King!” Bilbo snarled and Dwalin did everything in his power not to laugh out loud.

He couldn’t disagree though, those short few moments had aged him and he had tried desperately to climb up to help his king… he had thought that he would have watch as the Warg tore through his cousins and kings armour like clay and to the soft flesh below. He would have failed if not for the burglar.

Words from what seems like long ago echoed in his head.

You did nothin’ but insult Bilbo all the way ‘ere till he proved to be a valuable warrior.

You don’t trust him, he can see this.

…you had no problem insulting him…

“He is right Thorin.” Those four words stunned the company but stilled the Hobbit’s furious tongue at the same time. “You rushed into battle with little food and rest, the fact tha’ the Warg got you mere moments after you began t’swing… aye… the lad is right.”

Thorin turned his eyes towards his sister-sons. His golden heir with a visage of both Víli and Frerin and eyes like his mother stared back at him, grief and fear shining in them. One hand clutched around his raven brother who’s free hand latched onto Ori, lip quivering. A deep pang struck him as he realised what it would have done to the boys, it would have destroyed them like seeing his Grandfather’s death or Frerin…

“My boys.” He whispered pained, they were his sister-sons but he loved them like they were his own. Víli had always teased him and thanked him but it was a mask to the pain and misery underneath since the accident that cost him the use of his legs.

“Please Uncle, do not… do not…” Fíli stammered out, his eyes closed and hands clenched shut before snapping them open and he no longer saw Dís but himself in those eyes. “Do not do something like that; we could not bear to see you return to Mahal’s halls so soon. I am not ready to be King and Rótha and I have yet to be wed.”

Kíli could not utter a word, his own hand tightening around his One’s while his other hand clenched Fíli’s sleeve. Thorin closed his eyes and moved forward, pulling his sister-sons into his arms and whispering his apologies in their ears.

It was a touching family moment that melted Bilbo’s ire and he woefully cast a glance to the sky as he felt Ulmo’s mark itched. “We need to make our way to the bottom and find shelter, it is to rain soon.”

Everyone turned their eyes to the Burglar and then to the sky with a frown. There was only a smattering of clouds in the sky, nothing that would indicate a storm. But it was the Ur clan and Nori who believed him, who didn’t hesitate to gather their fallen things and begin for the stairs.


Erebor stood in the distance, a lonely peak surrounded by wispy trees and illuminated by the sun, but the Ur’s dared not to be swept up in its beauty, their home and Earth Born Stone was Ered Luin and for Nori, though he was born there… he had never connected to the Stone of Erebor but the wandering of their people.

“It don’t look like it’s gonna rain.” Glóin stammered out as he tore his gaze from his home to the hobbit.

Bilbo rubbed the marks on his arm and frowned. “Trust me, it is building up. Ulmo’s mark itches and it only does that when there is rain coming, dangerous storms and waters.” His eyes flickered to the mountains they came from to see the clouds gathering slowly. “It’s going to be a big one.”

“Ah yes… about that.” Balin started, stopping when Bilbo’s eyes cast his way. “When were you going to tell us you were…?”

“That I was Mabajbûn?” Bilbo replied dryly and this snapped all the others attention to him as the perfect Khuzdul slid off his tongue.

Kíli stepped forward, his hands still clutching his brother and his One, as the question from before popped into his head. “What do you mean die?”

“Look, now s’not tha time t’ask such questions.” Nori stepped up, his drawl thick. “Bilbo s’not been wrong so far ’bout rain or dangers so he will answer yer questions when we get to tha ground aye?”

Gandalf stepped in then silencing the rest of the company as they went to argue with a stern glare. “Nori is indeed correct, it is unwise to go against a warning of a Prophet, I suggest we seek shelter.”

“There is a cave big enough for all at the base of the Carrock.” Yavanna whispered to her Son as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration at the arguments. With a harsh sigh Bilbo turned on the spot and began towards where Bifur was waiting.

“Will you help me get down?” He asked the toymaker softly in Khuzdul.

Bifur nodded and slung Bilbo’s pack over his shoulders as he had lost his own and hopped down the first step, turning to reach up for his friend while raising his brows in surprise as Bofur was already waiting to pass him down.

“Don’ look at me like that cousin. I have ma questions and all ready, but I ain’t gonna be gathering wool or bickerin’bout it. Bilbo as far as I can see is kin.” Bofur stated calmly, watching as his Cousin’s and Bilbo’s eyes sparked in surprise.

Though Bifur was the eldest of the three Ur’s, it was Bofur who was the Clan Leader as it was his Adad who was the eldest of the brothers and really Bifur couldn’t really remember most things most days. So him declaring Bilbo kin and meaning it meant a lot, to both Bilbo and Bifur.

“Thank you Bofur.” Bilbo whispered touched.

Bofur rolled his eyes and smiled, smacking Bilbo’s back. “Don’be, yer done much for my cousin Bilbo. Tha only one who has understood ‘I’m and looked past the axe, you didn’t talk to him as if he was slower than the rest. But I am curious as to why you got us to translate if you could understand him.”

“It’s cause he wanted to include us.” Bombur stated, causing the three to jolt as his sudden appearance on the stairs behind them, his own hand reaching out to steady Bofur as he wobbled too close the edge. “I’ve known since the Troll’s.”

“Oh aye, I see how it is…” Bofur trailed off, removing his hat and mockingly wiped away his ‘tears’. “I’m tha last to know, I feel loved.”

“We would have told you eventually. Bifur caught me in my home when he asked how I understood him that morning. Bombur caught me speaking to him without you or he to translate and Nori… well Nori is just a plain old sneak and ambushed me in the gardens in Rivendell.”

“I did not!” Nori cried in indignation from behind the Ur clan, it was then that they realised that the company was behind them and listening to the conversation. Bilbo sighed and felt his shoulders slumped as he stepped down from Bifur’s arms from being helped down another step.

With another sigh he decided it was not worth the arguing about it and he could hear his Mother’s giggles from behind them all. “Oh so it wasn’t you who pulled me into a hidden alcove? Who had sneaked to hear a private conversation with me and Glorfindel or was that another thief?”

“Well… okay so I did ambush you!” Nori admitted cringing as Dori shot his brother a glare. “Mahal.”

“Now why we are on these cursed steps… Why were you not going to tell us?” Dwalin asked.

Bilbo paused once more and whirled around to stare at the warrior and the others with sceptical eyes. “Are you serious? Of course you are… I know the stance with you Dwarrow when it comes to Prophets. I was not born when Erebor fell or when you wandered, I was not born when you had your wars but after.”


“What was it Thorin said? They are not here among us and so our quest to them must seem folly, no, we do not need a Prophet, not now and not ever… I left my home because it screamed that I needed to help and this was when Gandalf showed up on my door that morning before you all got there. I am a hobbit and yet I am here trapezing all across Arda with all your grouch and insults.” He snarled furious once more. “Now we need to get down to the cave so that storm won’t hit us! If we are still on this forsaken rock then one of us will die.”

Everyone’s eyes shot up when the small hand of their burglar snapped up and pointed to the now grey sky. How did they not notice the sky darkening?”

By the time everyone got to the ground and they had found the cave, the sky had darkened and angered. It looked minutes or seconds away from dropping and everyone was quite thankful when the first crack of lightning flashed across the sky and the wind tore through the trees in a haunted tune. Aggravatingly, Gandalf had disappeared.

Bilbo though sighed and stood at the front of the cave with his eyes closed, letting his body relaxed as he let his senses go free. He could feel his Mothers hands upon his shoulders as she helped him, he didn’t have magic like wizards but if he channelled his Mother’s powers he could thicken the branches and shrubbery that protected the opening. He wouldn’t get wet if he were to step out into the rain, well not like the others but he wasn’t going to risk it now.

Fire flared to life, casting the hobbit in a warm glow and the others tried to keep their eyes off of him as he seemed to shine slightly. They had no idea in what he was doing but they would wait for him to be done with whatever it was before they asked questions.

“You may ask your questions now.” Bilbo stated softly, tiredly.

“Who knows of you?” Balin asked casting a slight look to his King as Thorin lurked in the corner just barely in the lights reach.

“You all. The White Council, Rivendell – the blasted elves – a few selected Hobbits…” Bilbo explained. “We tried to keep my being a secret with only a select few, my mother did not even send word to the others or even Gandalf about my… curse.”

“Then how do all the elves know?” Ori asked in a quiet squeak.

“Because they’re nosey and they can sense the magic of the Valar. My markings are a very small slither of their powers, it is like a beacon in the night and once I stepped into their realm, they knew. I was protected by Mother’s Barrier in The Shire so others would not sense my power until I was ready.” Bilbo explained, expanding the answer when he saw the others to ask the most obvious question. “I have many gifts before you ask and I follow them willingly, I have ignored them in the past and it ended… badly on those occasions. I follow Mother’s advice as well, she wanders to see if all is well and if she must speak to the others.”

“Mother?” Dwalin asked with a raised brow. It was then the others picked up the way the burglar said the word and that it wasn’t the first time they heard the difference in tone.

“Yavanna. I may be a prophet of the Valar but I am a Hobbit. My care falls under Yavanna and if needed Aulë.” He was tired, tired of their stares and the questions.

“Can you tell us what gifts you have?” Ori piped up once again shyly, his hand stilling on the page of his book.

With a tired sigh Bilbo sat back against the cave wall, casting a look up to his Mother, with her nod Bilbo turned back to the others. “Irmo gave me the ability to See but it is not a gift I use often or at all. It is a burden and a curse but I don’t see all, just snippets and not all of it can be good. Yavanna gave me her gifts to grow and sense the plants, the animals, my hearing is better than an elf.”

“What about Mahal?” Bofur asked with raised brows.

“I can understand and speak your languages easily… and… and sense Stone.” Bilbo stated slowly, eyeing Bofur, Bifur and Nori.

Nori felt his eyes widen and lean back. “Mahal… Now I know… Goblin Town? You… you were so green and pained…”

“What?” Kíli blurted out. “What happened?”

“Bilbo was sick when they led us to their king. He said that the mountain was dying, he could hear and feel it.” Nori explained with wide eyes.

Every dwarf looked towards the hobbit in horror. “You can sense the death of the mountain?”

“Well I thought Bifur or anyone with stone-sense could!” Bilbo huffed.

Óin frowned, holding his slightly battered trumpet up. “Aye, but we cannot hear the dying of our mountain. We can feel the sickness, can feel when it is well and healthy, happy. To hear is very rare and the last one to have the ability was Durin.”

“Oh well… I can hear all the stone, the earth, the trees. I’ve grown used to the voice, the lullaby or the crescendo. Add the soft whispers of the wind, the cry of the rains and the laughter of the starlight. It’s beautiful, chaotic and calming.” A blush formed on Bilbo’s cheeks but he hoped the others brushed it off as the firelight.

“Wait, is yer speed and strength one of these gifts?” Dwalin asked from Thorin’s right.

“Well yes, Tulkas gifted me with Strength and agility while his wife Nessa gifted me with speed.” A dark look crossed Bilbo’s face before it vanished just as quick. “Mandos gifted me with the sense of doom, I can sense if we will run across something bad or not… Vaire gave me the ability to expand Mandos’s gift, I can see the paths and which would be lesser or more dangerous. Thankfully I have Este’s power to heal small wounds…”

“What is your lifespan?” Óin asked loudly with a curious glint in his eyes.

This time Bilbo frowned and hummed. “I am not sure. Vána gave me the gift of long life, I still look forty and I am fifty now.”

Yavanna laughed as she watched the others splutter and big to curse and rage that he was but a mere babe. She had thought her son would be furious but the small relieved glint in his eyes had her stomach clenching. She knew all too well how he hated answering these questions, how he hated that he was chosen.

Soon all questions of him being the Prophet was forgotten when Kíli turned to Bilbo once more and.. god did he look like his uncle in this moment…

“Bilbo, you still haven’t answer my question, what do you mean you’re going to die?” The question caused the others to stop and inhale sharply, their eyes flickering to Bilbo who was avoiding their eyes.

Thorin felt his chest clench, panic flaring and strangling his throat closed. No, no, no, no, no…

“Kíli… A… Ev…” A deep sigh and Bilbo seemed to wilt before them. “A Prophet is cursed to die in the end… they died in every life, for those they love the most.”

Bilbo’s eyes flickered up to Thorin who stared at his One in horror before dropping once more and then… it was then that the king knew…

Author Note: Mwahahaha… So so so sorry for the delay guys, holy crap but I was struggling… New fandoms, real life and contest pieces got in the way… but I hope you liked it.

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