Chapter Thirteen – Mabinfalnûn

Title: A Cursed Blessing
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin

Summary: In time of great change a Prophet is born, selected by one of the Valar. When Bilbo is born, he had the markings of the Prophet but it was not One of the Valar that had chosen him, it was all.

Disclaimer: I am merely borrowing the characters of Tolkien; I do not own them unfortunately…

Author Note: “Bold Italic is Khuzdul”, “Italic is Sindarin”, ))Bold(( is Black speech and anything between }…{ is Green Tongue. Anything Underlined is windspeech or the language of the Eagles.


Nori and Bifur were frantic as they ran through the tunnels, their eyes scanning down every nook, cranny and pathway for their fallen hobbit. They hoped and they prayed to Mahal that he survived the fall, they didn’t know the extent of his abilities but Bifur knew Bilbo had a strong sense of stone. He knew that if Bilbo did indeed survive, he would be able to find his way out, Bifur just hoped he came out of the mountain the same way they were.

Bilbo picked up his pace as he felt the dread shiver up his spine, he could feel the sun growing near and he could hear the goblins behind him.

))GET HIM(( A goblin screamed causing Bilbo to shudder once more. He deviated from the path, squeezing through a gap he knew that they could not before crying out as he stumbled.

The world seemed to slow as he twisted, landing harshly on his back. A glint of gold sparkled towards him, above him in the dark, it was a glint he was familiar with and wondered when he picked it up.

Image result for the hobbit eagle gifs

“EARTH-SON!” Mahal’s voice screamed before being drowned out by another as he was plunged deep into coldness.

Suffocating coldness washed over him, swirls of smoke and flecks of coloured light. A scream pierced through the haze and it took Bilbo a little bit to realise that the screaming he was hearing was his own. He could see Mahal calling for him, unable to touch him and glowing bright like a well fed fire and crystals caught in the sun.

His wrist burned and with a cry he hastily removed his vambrace from his arm. His markings glowed brilliantly like the souls of their creator. Greens, Golds, Blues, Reds and Grey intertwined and it hurt. Hurt to look at, hurt to touch it.

He needed to move.

Now, he needed to move now.

His legs burned as he began to ran, his hands skimming and body crashing into the walls as he followed his stone sense out towards where he needed to go. It was the only exit out this way and from his hearing and the goblins that chased him, the other way was headed back towards the goblin kingdom.

He hoped beyond hope that the others got out safely.


The others broke out of the caves and the horde following them and into the sunshine. The company could breathe easy but the Ur’s and Nori who knew that their hobbit was still inside. There was no way that he could have died in that cave; the Valar would not be this cruel. He deserved to die in sunshine at least.

When they were safe enough away, the Company came to a complete stop many wincing from their long run and fighting while others just heaved and tried to catch their breath. Thankfully the sun was still out for they wouldn’t be able to follow until nightfall and that was a blessing from the Valar.

“Five, six, seven, eight…Bifur, Bofur…that’s ten…Fili, Kili…that’s twelve…and Bombur – that makes thirteen.” Gandalf counted before pausing, where is Bilbo?

Panic began to swell in his chest as he scanned the area and saw no hobbit. “Where’s Bilbo? Where is our hobbit?!”

The Company looked down or away with scowls or sad expressions. Nori was the one who decided to speak up as the others were too deep in their thoughts, though he wondered the utter devastation that was showing on their leaders face. “He helped us get our weapons before a goblin and he toppled off the bridge.”

“What happened exactly? Tell me!” Gandalf demanded, his eyes scanning from face to face worry and fear churning in his stomach.

Thorin couldn’t hear over the white noise that settled the moment he relaxed, the image of his One falling repeated over and over again. He felt choked, his heart feeling like a shattered stone as bile burned at the back of his throat. He was so close just a few more inches and he would have been able to save Bilbo.

He just hoped that Bilbo somehow survived the fall.

“We will not be seeing our Hobbit again. He is long gone.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, whether it be in denial or hope he didn’t know.

The world of the ring was worse outside than it was inside, he couldn’t feel the sun he knew was shining, nor could he smell the fresh air and soil. Thankfully he could still use his stone sense but now everything else was cut off from him, he felt suffocated.

Muted voices drifted to his ears and a wave of relief crashed into him. He could hear the company the closer he got and he knew that they were talking about him, about his fall and what he had done in the Goblin Tunnels. He is long gone… The words where the clearest he heard and from Thorin no less, did he sound sad? With a silent scream he ripped the ring from his finger, his body jerking as every colour, sound and sensation came back.

“No, he isn’t.” He alerted, with a gasp as he stumbled towards them. The others sagged in relief but a new concern rose as they saw how haggard and twitchy their burglar was.

Gandalf sighed in relief. “Bilbo Baggins! I’ve never been so glad to see anyone in my life!”

“Bilbo, we’d given you up!” Kili gasped out with a smile.

“How on earth did you get past the Goblins?” Fili asked, his eyes snapping back to the direction he ran from.

Dwalin frowned in worry, his eyes flickering between the hobbit and his king. “How, indeed.”

Bilbo’s eyes flickered from one dwarf to another before settling his gaze on Thorin. The king’s mask was once again in place but Bilbo could see the emotion brewing in the stormy blue eyes, emotion that seemed to cause warmth to flood through him.

“Why did you come back? If you had the chance to escape then why did you come back?” Thorin demanded and held back the flinch as the hobbit’s eyes seemed to burn in anger.

Oh no, I’ve had enough… “Because I WAS CALLED FOR THIS QUEST!” Bilbo snarled. “I didn’t want to come, I didn’t want to leave my home or for the day you stumbled into my home to ever come; now I had to give up my home to help you with yours! Now I’m going to die on this forsaken quest!”

“What do you mean die?” Kíli demanded in worry as he and his brother watch the hobbit rant. They had seen him fight but they have never seen his anger directed towards any of them.

Bilbo snapped his eyes to the young prince and froze as the words that escaped his mouth caught up to him. He had just told all of them that he was cursed to die on this quest, with a deep sigh he cast his eyes to Gandalf but saw that Balin was staring at him in horror and with a quick glance down at his arm, he knew why.

“He’s a Mabajbûn.” Balin breathed out in shock.He’s the Mabajbûn.”

All eyes bar those who knew already snapped to Bilbo in shock, the words stopped on the tip of their tongue. How? He was a prophet? The irritation Bilbo had been feeling had been washed away by the sense of dread in a blink of an eye, leaving him weak in the knees as howls filled the air.

It seemed they didn’t escape the problems that Bilbo felt coming after all.

“Out of the frying pan…” Thorin muttered bitterly.

Gandalf looked down with wide eyes. “…and into the fire. RUN!”

The company ran, zig zagging with each other while throwing back or swinging out their weapons when a snapping jowl of a Warg got too close. Bilbo jumped and twisted over a Warg, swiping out with his bardiche and cutting the spinal cord of the Warg, using its falling body to spring up into the trees.

“Up into the trees, all of you! Come on, climb!” Gandalf yelled as he saw Bilbo’s move, before swinging up into the tree himself.

The others quickly help each other up, Bofur using Dwalin’s head as a stepping stone before leaping into the nearest tree as Bifur throws his axe at an oncoming Warg before climbing up himself. Dwalin threw up his brother before giving a quick scan for the king and the princes before joining them.

“THEY’RE COMING!” Thorin yelled, warning the others who were still on the ground, his eyes locked on the pack charging towards them.

Snapping jowls of riderless wargs rip and tear the branches below them, panic began to bloom in Bilbo’s chest as his eyes catches the very beast that he knew would try to kill Thorin. Azog. As the riders make their way down, the riderless ones begin to fall into a rumbling continuous snarl, drawing the company’s eyes to the master.

}}Mother, please!{{ Bilbo cried out as her eyes turn towards the now appeared Vala. }}We need the eagles!{{

Yavanna nodded with a fierce determination and slammed her hands upon the ground causing the trees roots to shoot up and lash out before disappearing. Bilbo knew his Mother will gather the eagles for them, Manwë created them for this purpose.

“Azog?!” Thorin’s devastated and disbelief filled tone brought Bilbo back into focus and cursed when he saw the Warg and orc were now nearly upon them.

giphy (2) giphy

((Do you smell it? The scent of fear? I remember your father reeked of it, Thorin son of Thrain.)) Azog taunted, causing Bilbo to jerk his head back around to Thorin in horror and grief. He hoped that the king-in-exile could not understand the black speech but by the look of utter devastation, Bilbo knew that he understood some of what was said.

((That one is mine. Kill the others!)) At Azog’s command, the Wargs leap forward and try to climb the trees once again. The trees shook violently at the assault and the Company prayed to their Maker as they struggled to keep their grip. Bilbo willed his Moher to return, willed the trees to keep strong.

But the trees could not bear the weight of the trees and began to topple, causing the company to jump from one to the other and then to the next when that one began to collapse. They all continued to fall until they reached the last tree on the edge of the cliff, all of them breathing heavily, their nails digging into the bark. Bilbo could sense it’s strong roots and stubborn nature.

Looking around in desperation, Gandalf spies a pinecone and hurries to grab it. With little thought he pulled it close and blew fire from his staff onto it and blew until it was on fire before throwing it to the Wargs below, smiling as they dash back before grabbing another.

“Fili!” He called, dropping it into the dwarf’s hands before lighting more.

Fíli and Bilbo share a smile as they begin to throw the fiery projectiles forwards, though Bilbo winced with every scream and cry of the new awakened trees, he would have to apologise to his Mother when she returned.

The next few moments were of terror and soon Bilbo along with the Company found themselves draped over a cracking tree limb and dangling over a very, very long drop. Bilbo prayed for his mother to hurry, for the Eagles to come as he switched between looking at Ori and Dori who were dangling from the end of Gandalf’s staff and the Orc.

Thorin could feel the heat of the flames, hear the cries of his kin but it all died away as he stared at the filth that killed his grandfather… his father. Fury fuelled his actions as he pulled himself to his feet, blade drawn and eyes locked upon the pale orc.

“Thorin!” He ignored the calls of his name, brushed off the desperate hands that tried to hold him back from taking his revenge and in a blink of an eye Thorin found himself charging towards the Defiler, a cry of fury on his lips.

“THORIN!” Bilbo screamed as he watched the white Warg’s claws catch the king and knock him to the ground. “MOTHER!”

Yavanna screamed as she dropped from the sky and rushed towards her hobbit, her hand yanking him up from the trees as the King cried out with the impact of Azog’s mace. Yavanna watched, her heart breaking as her Prophet ignored her and stared in horror at the scene before them. She knew in that instant that Vairë had woven the threads, Bilbo’s fate rested in Thorin’s hands and this time she hoped that death was not waiting at the end.

Bilbo seeing the king being thrown caused a haze to settle over him, his hand grasping his dagger as he pushed himself forward. An uncommon snarl upon his lips as he slashed out and removed the arm from the Orc that dared to try and take the Kings head; kicking out to send it flying back towards the White Orc.

Thorin watched this all in pain, darkness looming on his vision. His One was haloed by the firelight, highlighting the gold in his hair and glinting of the blade. Bakani jalâgjiji id-aznân… He would have to thank him…


He stood between Thorin and Azog, dagger and sword now drawn and raised. ((I will not let you kill him filth. The King does not stand alone.))

((You dare stand in my way?)) Azog snarled. ((Kill them.))

As the pack began to surge forward, cries filled the air as Fíli, Kíli and Dwalin rush from the flames. A wicked smirk replaced the snarl on Bilbo’s face as he took two steps closer to the King, his eyes locked on the space just behind Azog’s head.

The Eagles swept through the battle, picking up the Wargs and their riders before throwing them over the cliff, some managed to pick up the Dwarrow’s and toss them onto their brothers backs before returning to the battle or to pick up one of the others. Everyone grasped tightly to the eagles backs as they looked towards their King who lay unconscious in one of the eagles’ talons.

((The line of Durin will not fall today.)) Bilbo snarled before turning on his foot and sprinting from the cliff’s edge, his eyes clenched shut as he dropped.

Image result for bilbo flying eagles gif

“You are safe now Prophet.” A new voice whispered as his body connected with the back of an Eagle, instantly causing his eyes to snap open.

He couldn’t help but sigh in relief. “Thank you Wind-Brother.”

“Lady Yavanna called for aid, we were glad to help Prophet.” The Eagle replied softly, turning its head to see the small being upon his back. “I am Landroval.”

“I thank you Landroval, I am Bilbo Baggins, Prophet of the Valar.” Bilbo replied with a faint smile, but worry churned deep within his stomach as he turned his eyes towards the eagle that carried Thorin.

Author Note: I know this chapter is shorter than normal and well… at least they know?

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  1. I am always on the look out for new Hobbit stories whether they are pairings of Kili and a female oc, Fili and female oc, Thorin and you guessed it a female oc, or such as your story Thorin and Bilbo ;). So when I came across a mention of you and the update of chapter 13 on facebook, I hopped at the chance to read a new story. I devoured it in one day, and am eagerly waiting for the next update lol. So you know you have another eager follower 🙂 You have an amazing story and such a great story line. I hope you come up with some other’s in the Hobbit verse with Kili and Fili with their own pairings 😉


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