Chapter Two – Zê’ ibdêkh

Title: A Cursed Blessing
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin

Summary: In time of great change a Prophet is born, selected by one of the Valar. When Bilbo is born, he had the markings of the Prophet but it was not One of the Valar that had chosen him, it was all.

Disclaimer: I am merely borrowing the characters of Tolkien; I do not own them unfortunately…

Author Note: I’m not sure how this will turn out, but the plot has been heavy on my mind and the length of chapters can range from 1000 words or over 2000 depending if my muse allows me.


He didn’t know how long he stood in his Mother’s embrace before sighing and decided to get to work. He had many things to do and a company to prepare food for as well as hiding all things breakable. He knew what dwarves were like, knew that they were a merry bunch that liked to cause chaos in their wake.

“I better hide my mother’s china and silver.” He informed his Mother with a snort. “We know Aulë’s children are a merry bunch and have no thought for heirlooms. I will also need to write my Will and letters for the Thain. I refuse to let the Sackville- Baggins’s take my home and sell my things.”

Yavanna laughed as she watched her child begin to move things and place them in the chest in the office. “Yes, my husband’s children are much like you. They love their spirits and food, music too. Any chance for a party really, I am glad you are willing to join them, they have had much hardship.”

Bilbo turned at the sadness in his Mother’s voice. “Yes, I know Aulë told me. He regrets that he could not help them; it pains him to see his people suffer the loss of their home and pride. For him I will do this, for them too. I will make them feel comfortable here in my home and welcomed, respected. It is the least I can do for their weary souls.”

“You have a good heart my little sweet. But don’t let them walk all over you now, you are my creation and we take no nonsense by Dwarrow!” Yavanna explained with a wide smile and a hearty laugh.

“Would you like to help me cook for them then? It may ease your worries too Mother, I know you worry for the children of your heart as well.” Bilbo offered as he opened up the window facing the Gamgee’s smial. “HAMFAST!”

“I would love to; sometimes I think we made you too smart.” She chuckled as she made her way to the kitchen.

While his Mother was in the kitchen he waited for Hamfast. He knew his eldest friend heard him, he usually called for his Gardner in the most oddest of fashions, this time it happened to be out the window instead of the fence. All too soon his friend was at the window a grin on his usual cheery face.

“Wha’ can I help you with Master Bilbo?” Hamfast asked while placing his gardening gloves in his back pocket.

“I’ll be going on ad adventure Hamfast, I’ve been called.” At this Bilbo saw the startling realisation in his friends face. “I will be feeding and housing the company I am to travel with, but their kind isn’t fond of vegetables. Would you or Hamson be able to go to the market and bring back some more meat for me? Roasts and chickens, a duck or two and fish?”

“Why o’corse I’ll go Mister Bilbo, Hamson will come with. Is that all you need?” Hamfast asked with a wide smile though Bilbo could still see the worry in his old friend’s eyes.

“If you can get me some previsions too that would be splendid my old friend, in return I’ll let you have whatever you like from the garden!” He explained knowing that if he offered money to his friend it wouldn’t be accepted.

“Oh that’s a fine offer Mister Bilbo, but I…” Hamfast seemed to stop mid-sentence and Bilbo knew that he was thinking of it. “Bell is expectin’ another wee one, if I can pluck some’er those squash she loves and craves that I’ll accept.”

Bilbo chuckled and clapped his friend on his back. “Congratulations Hamfast, they’ll be a healthy faunt. Maybe take some strawberries too yes?”

“Is that all Bilbo?” Hamfast asked giving his friend a wide smile. He was grateful that his friend told him that their faunt would be healthy, he also knew to take whatever Bilbo offered or hinted at when it came to his wife’s cravings. They learnt the hard way – well he learnt the hard way when Bell carried Halfred and Daisy. She craved squash and blueberries and Bilbo had warned him.

“Yes, here take this it should be enough.” Bilbo stated while handing him a soft velvet pouch of coins before cocking his head to the side. “Hamfast, you’ll need to get some soft green material, you’ll know it when you see it and I promise you, you’ll be a very well fed hobbit if you give it to Bell.”

Hamfast laughed and bid farewell to Bilbo while calling his son to come help him, his friends’ words echoing in his head.


The sound of cooking food and Yavanna’s humming had Bilbo in a state of calm, it was a comfort. He hoped that the Dwarrow liked all the effort they went to put together this feast. There was roast lamb and beef, both roast and stew, peaking duck. Potato’s and Garlic Potato’s, three sides of cheesy vegetables that he would think that the Dwarrow would appreciate. Five different types of bread, two types of fish meals; three chicken meals and every counter were full of food, near groaning with the weight.

The desserts though filled up his kitchen counters, pies, scones, tarts, biscuits and sweet bread with jams.

“I’m going to go get cleaned and dressed.” He informed his Mother while hanging up his apron on the hook by the door.

“You have some time yet; the first Dwarrow has just reached the boarders of Hobbiton.” Yavanna explained as she pulled out the last blackberry pie.

Bilbo hummed in answer as he began to strip of his clothing and getting the bath ready, he had little time and he just merely wanted to wash the flower and food from his hands and the grime from his body. He hummed and sighed as his hands passed over his soaps and oils to the scentless one as he saw that he would be teased for smelling like flowers.

With a quick scrub of his hair and skin, Bilbo quickly dried himself and paused, his arm tingling slightly. A frown pulled at his brows before sighing softly as he saw the faint shimmer to UImo’s mark.

Wonderful, it’s going to rain… and rain a lot but my estimation.

Reading the marks were sometimes hard to do, but after many years he was able to tell how long it was going to rain or when the earth was ready to be turned for a fresh harvest, so on so forth. With a shrug Bilbo began to pull on his clothing once more before stilling his fingers at the touch of soft warm leather. His vambraces’ — the ones that were made by his mother’s ranger friend to hide his marks — were a soft leather and glove that was buttoned on the forearm and could be buckled. He had loved them dearly and wore them when he went to Bree or outside of the Shire in some cases.

A loud knock echoed the smial and Bilbo knew instantly it was the first of his guests, her could hear their grunts the second he stepped through his gate and could feel him and his steps since he reached the shire. There was no missing the vibrating thrum of Aulë’s children.

The second he opened the door Bilbo had to restrain himself from raising his brows and smirking as he saw the foot taller dwarf before him, his massive frame bulging with muscle that was natural for Dwarrow and two War Hammers strapped to his back with an axe at his hip and covered in tattoos.

“Dwalin, at your service.” The dwarf before him bowed, never taking his eyes off of him.

“Do not take offence my little sweet, he does not trust you yet.” Yavanna warned as she saw her child stiffen at the offence and smiled as he relaxed instantly and bowed in return.

“Bilbo, at yours and your families. Please wipe your feet and hang your cloak there on the hook, also if you would be kind enough to remove the bulk of your weapons, mainly your War Hammers that would be appreciated, the knives you have you can keep on you.” Bilbo explained, gesturing to the two blades at Dwalin’s hips. He knew better than to ask a dwarf to remove every weapon or armour, he also wanted to see if the Dwarrow that came trusted him enough to remove their bulk weapons.

“The food smells good.” Dwalin grunted out as he rested his hammers at the space the Halfling gestured and hung up his cloak. He still wasn’t sure of what to make of the hobbit but he could see that the lad had a spine of steel, not many didn’t flinch at first glance of him or speak to him with ease.

So far the hobbit had shown him respect and not thrown him from his home or slammed the door in the face. But it was odd for the hobbit to know not to ask him to remove his armour and weapons, he’d just have to wait and see how he was with the others of the company and then Dwalin would make a judgment if the hobbit was suitable or not.

Author Note: Well look Dwalin! So glad everyone is enjoying this! Next is all the company and Thorin!

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