Chapter Eight

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

“So do you need to work today or?” Marianne asked once she was finished with the food, placing the empty – practically licked clean – plate down on the table beside her.

Bog frowned confused, well he didn’t have to be in the studio for a few more months or show up on any talk shows… oh… OH! “Ah don’t work for Wild Primrose. Plum is me aunt ‘n’ she needed some help. Ah’m on mah break at th’ moment thought ah’d come home fer it.”

“So basically this is your holiday home? Kinda like mine?” She asked curious, her wide amber eyes locking onto vivid blue.

“Aye ye could say it like tha’. But ah’m probably home more than ye.” He explained with a chuckle while placing his own plate on top of the other.

Marianne couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yes, my home is in Cali but I travel a lot. This was my childhood home and when I saw it was for sale again I bought it. Only my sister and I know about it and Sunny… but my dad doesn’t.”

“What do ye do for work tha’ has ye travellin’ so much?” Bog asked, frowning when he saw her whole frame tensing. “Ye don’t need tae tell me.”

Shaking her head Marianne grimaced. “It’s not that its just… I can’t.”

A few brief seconds of silence passed and when Marianne looked up she could see understanding shine in Bog’s eyes… written all over his face and she didn’t know if that made lying to him better or worse. She also wondered why she felt bad about keeping this from him when she literally only met him yesterday.

“Ye travel with a band?” He asked before shrugging. “tha’s okay, ah know that they make all workers sign confidentiality clauses.”

This time it was Marianne’s turn to understand something. “You work in the music business too?”

It would make sense, the reason why his hands had the same calluses as hers if he helped with the music or play. She didn’t know what band he worked for but those that worked with her when they travelled played an instrument when they had a dinner night with the crew.

“Ye could say something like that aye.” Bog explained with a chuckle. “The band ah work for are popular yes but don’t travel much.”

Marianne snorted before taking a sip of her half cold coffee. “God your lucky then. I travel with a pop singer, practically every state and country is visited and ugh…”

“That explains why ye hated th’ music sae much last night.” He chuckled while leaning back in the chair once more, his fingers tapping a beat on the arm. The fire was warm, it held back the crisp cool air he knew would be setting in fully soon.

“Oh you have no idea.” She replied with a dry chuckle, her hand clutching the cup tightly.

“Mari?” Sunny’s voice calls both worried and surprise. “Oh… oh hey Bog didn’t see ya there.”

Both Bog and Marianne turn in the chairs to see Sunny who was fidgeting badly, it set the hair of the back of Marianne’s neck on edge. She got to her feet in an instant, her eyes wide as she saw how pale Sunny seemed to be and… “Is it Dawn, is she okay?”

“She’s on the phone and Bog, Lizzie told me to tell you she needs some help since Plum’s off and my shift ended. There’s someone there that apparently needs attention.” Sunny explained watching as Bog’s brows went up and then pulled down into a vicious scowl as he deduced what Sunny was actually saying.

Someone had recognised her again and she needed help or someone was there that shouldn’t be and she still needs help.

“… uh?” He stammered out as he realised that Mari was already inside. “Tell Mari tha’ I’ll see her later. Iffen she needs me ah’ll be back later tonight.”

Sunny nodded before hurrying back inside and up the stairs to the music room where he knew Marianne would be.

“…what the actual hell? That bastard had no god damn right!” Marianne’s snarl echoed down the hall through the crack in the door. With a grimace he stepped inside and shut the door firmly, taking in the chaos around him with wide eyes. It seemed that there were a few things in here that too went into the bonfire outside.

I know Marianne! That snake!” Dawn replied just as loud and as angry as her sister. “But Daddy won’t hear it. I tried to tell him that you won’t take him back but he… he just wouldn’t listen.”

“So instead he issued a statement saying that the wedding will be rescheduled for the New Year? That I’m at some luxury spa?” The last words were hissed through gritted teeth and Sunny couldn’t help but wince. He knew that when actors/actresses and singers alike went to a luxury spa it meant rehab.

“But Marianne has never been into that stuff, I follow the tabloids and stuff and you and she is all sunshine.” Sunny blurted out confused, internally cursing as Marianne shot him a look.

Dawn sighed on the other end. “Roland’s playing up the stilted partner in this and it doesn’t help that Mari vanished off the face of the earth without telling anyone. The only people who don’t believe his lies are the triplets and us.”

“You mean jilted Dawn…” Marianne sighed out tired, her shoulders slumping in defeat. “Maybe I should come back, making dad listen and tell him what really happened.”

NO!” Both Sunny and Marianne winced at the loud shriek. “No, you stay there. Mari let me deal with this okay, you’ve always had my back growing up and now it’s my turn okay.”


No! You stay right there okay, I will sort this out and if I can’t then I’ll call you but the girls and I have a plan.” Dawn pressed firmly, leaving no room for arguments.

Marianne’s shoulders slumped with defeat. “Okay… okay… just… just ring me if you need me okay or Sunny. This is a shitty day.”

“Do you know he turned up in his tux today? Lucky I and the girls sent out the cancelation cards to everyone the day after you left.” Dawn snorted. “But that being said… Mari did you enjoy the bonfire material?”

“Oh yes, oh to be a fly on the wall when he finds out his prize guitar is gone.” Marianne explained with a wicked grin before shaking her head sharply when she saw Sunny staring at her arm that was bandaged.

“Crap, dad’s home… Talk to you later Mari… you as well Sunnybear!”

Marianne raised her brows and mouthed the nickname as she glanced over at the blushing man. “Do I want to know or no?”

“Uh… no?” He stammered out still blushing.

“Why are you home early, I thought you worked till lunch today?” She asked causing Sunny to raise his brows in surprise. “Uh Mari it is lunch?”

Taking a glance at the clock on the wall Marianne could see that it was indeed breeching 12pm. Huh, she didn’t know that her and Bog had been speaking for that long but then again she did kind of lose track of time… There was something about Bog that was different, that could understand her and all she’s been through.

Sunny frowned but stilled his tongue, it wasn’t his business to ask about them no matter how excited he is about it but it just felt wrong to ask about this morning. “I’ll leave you be Mari. Bog told me to tell you that he’ll be home later tonight if you need him, he had to go to Wild Primrose.”

“Oh, okay thanks Sunny.” Marianne replied distractedly as she sat heavily down on the piano bench a beat tapping in her mind one that was wild and different that matched the man with sky blue eyes.

Author Note: *chuckles*

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