Chapter Five

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

The awkward silence seemed to drag on and Sunny knew that he had to do something to keep them talking, he’d never seen Bog so… so… well enamoured before.

“Oh, that’s right… You came here because I offered to buy you a drink, I’ll… I’ll go get that.” He blurted out before picking up his bag and making his way to the bar.

Aura Plum watched from the end of the bar, her eyes flickering back and forth between her nephew and the woman that came in with Sunny. She could see the chemistry spark between them and couldn’t hold back the sly grin.

“Who is that?” She asked as Sunny went to make his way past her to place his stuff down.

Casting a look back over his shoulder he saw that she was indeed asking about Marianne. “Uh, that’s Mari; she’s the owner of the house I rent a room in. She just had a bad break up; I offered to buy a drink… uh.”

Plum waved him off before grabbing all she needed for the Wild Primrose drink; it was a strong drink but not enough to take your control, pink and sugary. The girl needed a pick me up and if Bog actually drinks it too then it’ll help him relax, maybe get him to sing something.

When Sunny came back out from the office he cast Aura a look as he took in the drinks on the tray and shrugged, though he did grab two beers from the fridges to go with them. He made it back over to the table, the awkward silence still in place and lowered the tray onto the table.

“What…” They start as one the second their eyes lay on the pink monstrosity.

Marianne and Bog share a look before quickly averting their eyes blushing.

“Sunny, what is that?” Marianne asked as she poked the tall glass before her hesitantly. It was bright pink and something that looked like her sister would drink if able to, actually it did look like the things Dawn drinks… but this was more alcoholic.

“Uh, this is the Wild Primrose, I didn’t make them.” He blurted out, fingers tapping on the tray clutched before him like a shield. “I grabbed the beers for you.”

“Thank ye, Sunny. A’ve yet tae have a go… this but a’ve seen some reactions tae it and what a’ve seen were not good.” Bog informed with a grimace, pushing the drink to the centre of the table and took a sip of the beer.

“That bad?” Marianne asked sniffing the drink, it smelled like coconut and flowers, how was that possible?

Bog grimaced. “Worse.”

Sunny chuckled as Marianne pushed the drink into the centre of the table with a grimace and took up the beer. “If you’re staying Mari, I should warn you that it’s Karaoke night.”

Marianne’s eyes snapped open, the beer slamming down on the table hard enough that some liquid splashed out, coughs wracking her frame as the sip she took went down the wrong pipe. She hated Karaoke, hated it with a passion.

Dawn had wanted to go to a bar that held a Karaoke Night in one of the towns they were playing in, so she the ever loving sister went to make sure that Dawn didn’t get in trouble or spotted. Four hours they stayed there, four long hours of people butchering their songs, songs of people they knew or loved. Only a handful out of the lot had actually been decent and… Skies above! She just hated it.

Can’t Help Falling in Love was the popular song of choice… Girls, boys, couples and friends… everyone who was fans of them loved it and right now she couldn’t deal with hearing that over and over right now…

Bog groaned as well, his body seeming to collapse in the chair completely as if he had his strings cut; he too was on the same mind as Marianne but for completely different reasons. It explained why Plum had tried to get him to stay longer, she always wanted him to sing either in the talent night or in Karaoke nights when he was home.

He never did for two— well three reasons: 1) He didn’t want to be recognised if he sang his own songs, 2) He didn’t want to sing for her and 3) he was on holidays, he wanted to sing on his own time when he decided to.

“If you stay I’ll shout you dinner, well… Da—your sister said to make sure you eat and I can’t say no to her?” Sunny blurted out, correcting what he was saying as Amber eyes narrowed in on him while Bog seemed to shrink. He knew instantly what his friend was thinking and he needed to correct that instantly.

“No one can deny my sister a thing,” She replied with a sigh. “Fine but you and I are going to have words, dobbing me in to my own sister like she’s my mother….”

Bog didn’t know how to react to the conversation, so far the feisty Faerie from this morning hasn’t made an excuse to escape from him nor has she given him the usual look of disgust. She even willingly had a discussion with him that wasn’t orchestrated by his mother’s usual interfering. That didn’t mean he wished to force his person on her company.

He made a move to stand. “I uh… I should get going.”

“You don’t need to, you uh… you can stay and keep me company, and I’ll even buy you dinner.” Marianne stammered out, her eyes widening and a blush creeping up her cheeks. “I mean, you can complain about song choices with me and uh…”

The surprise was evident on Bog’s face as he sat back down; a girl had never asked him to stay before, not since Cara. He shot Mari a tentative grin, hoping that he didn’t give away to how nervous he really was.

“Ah will like that,” He replied.


Three hours later the table was half covered in beer bottles stacked around those ridiculous bright pink monstrosity that was the house drink, coasters from the surrounding tables were stacked and while the two hid behind their preciously balanced forts while trying to steal the others food, the place was in full swing.

“If ah hae tae listen tae this crap I’ll need another drink,” Bog announced with a wide grin, his accent thick and followed by laughter.

Marianne grinned and held up her beer, “I need one too. There’s only so many times I can listen to Cant Help Myself or any of Taylor Swift songs, Ed Sheeran’s pretty good but is over used quite a lot.”

“Love who needs it, it weakens, it rots.” Bog spat out, his face contorting into a scowl.

The lights shifted and cast shadows across Bogs face, capturing Marianne’s gaze. He was different, not handsome by any means but he seemed to be more… he seemed to be real in her eyes. Strong jaw and high cheek bones, a crooked nose with slightly sunken in eyes… scars ran across his chin and cheek, pulling slightly at his lower lip into a slight grimace.

No he was not handsome by standard means.

Not unless he smiled, a wide grin with endearingly crooked teeth, blue eyes that shone like a clear summer’s sky. He seemed to light up the room around him when he smiled, when he laughed and she couldn’t look away.

She shook her head vigorously at that thought and quickly covered her lapse of attention. “You’ve got that right; they’re all fools rushing in. It’s just lies and more lies!” She hissed while stabbing the fork roughly into her food.

The mood seemed to chill as Bog caught the bitter undertone, the forceful stabbing of her food and the pained eyes that gleamed under the burning anger. It was a look he knew well and could see it on other people; it was a look of heartbreak that ended badly.

It was also a topic he avoided completely and would refuse to ask about unless she was willing to share.

“I’m glad thay aren’t butchering any rock songs yet, but perhaps when thay’re a bit more intae thair cups.” He coughed out while tipping back the last remains of his beer.

Marianne looked up; the sad look replaced with a devilish smirk. “You know, we could really do with a rock song right about now… to liven up the place what do you say?”

“i dae nae think ah kin sing richt now,” He began to stammer out in growing sense of fear and dread, sighing in relief when she cuts him off.

“I was talking about me, I don’t know about you Bog but I at least know I can sing… now watch.” She explained with a grin, her hand shooting into the middle of the pile where the pink concoction rested and threw it back.

It burned all the way down and she wondered if it would taste better cold than room temperature, either way she knew that a) She was going to be hungover tomorrow, b) was surly going to regret it and c) well might as well go all in if someone connected her to well… being Marianne Fairfield.

Bog watched as she half staggered and half swayed her way over to the song picking machine and browsed through it, a slight pucker between her brows and lower lip tugged between her teeth. His heart hammered in his chest as she looked over at him, her frown smoothening out as she gave him a little grin.

Skies above she’s beautiful… and deadly… a proper wee Faerie Woman.

No! Don’t think like that Bog, it won’t be like that tomorrow! She’ll never want to interact with you again, you were just convenient tonight… his traitors brain reminded him

Shaking his head vigorously of those thoughts he turned his attention back to the stage where Marianne was standing, fixing the Mic to her level. He was excited and wondered what song she had picked. They had stayed away from most music topics while they were talking and drinking and he was now curious to see what she was going to sing, he wondered if she was a fan of his own music.

Sunny from his spot at the technician booth grinned and set his phone up to where Marianne could be seen. He had to record this for Dawn, she was going to flip out he just knew it. Not only had she messaged him repeatedly for updates she lamented the face that she’d never get Marianne to sing at a karaoke bar… well seems like she is now.

The bar was loud, no louder than a concert but it seemed to ease her a little bit as she took a deep breath to squash the slight anxiety she had in the pit of her stomach. This would be like every other performance she’d given in her life but this time she wasn’t singing as Marianne Fairfield the Pop Sensation, no… she was singing as Marianne who loved rock and old classics, who never got the chance to express that.

Now she was in a bar full of people and there was a high possibility she would be recognised and that was the last thing she wanted.

Her eyes snapped open and sought out Bog at their table, he gave her an encouraging smile that seemed to ease her more. She gave a shake of her shoulders and another deep breath before casting her gaze out into the crowd, half their attention on her the other half mingling or laughing with their friends. She could do this.

“Let’s shake it up a bit shall we?” She asked with a laugh, smirking as a few patrons’ shouted back at her…

It was exactly like a concert, famous or not.

Leaving out the first line of the song she began to sway and clap to the beat, a wicked grin pulling at her lips as a few copied her.

Young blood, run like a river

Young blood, never get chained

Young blood, heaven need a sinner

You can’t raise hell with a saint

Young blood, came to start a riot

Don’t care what your old man say

Young blood, heaven hate a sinner

But we gonna raise hell anyway.”

Bog felt his jaw drop in awe, her voice echoed around him in a skies honest husky tone that sent a jolt down his spine. Her hips swung as she let her eyes slip closed, the patrons’ cheering and clapping along to the beat; some even singing along with her.

“Raise hell
Raise hell
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell
Baby drop them bones
Baby sell that soul
Heaven fare thee well
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell
(Oh my my, oh hell yeah)
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell
(Oh my my, oh hell yeah)
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell.”

The crowd were dancing and rocking out with her, she couldn’t help but smile around the words. She was told by her father and by Roland that she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to draw in a crowd with the way she sung when she sung rock. Her voice to husky, to dark and loud nearly off key…

She had believed them for a while until Dawn and the Sisters caught her singing to one of Broken Carapace’s songs. They were amazed and now this crowd seemed to strengthen her resolve, they enjoyed it–are enjoying it… perhaps she won’t go back to Pop anymore.

Her eyes locked onto Bogs who seemed to not realise he was standing and rocking along with her with an air guitar, a wide grin on his face and if she wasn’t singing on stage she would have laughed at him, that saying…

“Young blood, stand and deliver

No need for a queen affair

Young blood, gotta pull the trigger

When the whole world running scared

Raise hell

Baby drop them bones

Baby sell that soul

Heaven fare thee well…”

The bar erupted in cheers as she finished off the song and Marianne gave them all a bow before jumping off the stage feeling rejuvenated. Oh she felt like she did when she first started to sing, it reminded her why she still continued to do so even though she didn’t want to sing Pop anymore. For her fans, for this rush that she got when people cheered her on and the sense of pride and accomplishment for doing so.

She felt good.

“That was some singing Tough Girl,” Bog complimented.

Marianne grinned. “What can I say Bog, I had to raise a little hell. Next time I got to hear you sing, that is if you can?”

“Oh a challenge Tough Girl, well next time I just might.”

Author Note: Miss me? So sorry been delayed with my Fandom Anon Gift Exchange, I have until Feb 22nd to write a completed story that must be posted on that day!

Did you enjoy?

Song is Raise Hell by Dorothy

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