Chapter Four

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

Marianne was pretty sure that if she wasn’t in a crowded café and surrounded by people, if she didn’t need the laptop before her… then she would have bashed it repeatedly on the table till it broke in her rage.

She had explored her home, memorised new steps and walked among the old ones. Things had changed since the last time she was here, five years has done a lot. Cedar’s Bog, the place she had once called a home away from home was transformed into the monstrosity across the street from her.

Yet still, the familiar steps of her mother’s memory couldn’t take the images of sky blue eyes from her mind, even for a moment. It could not ease the ache of the anger and hurt caused by that ass.

But that was not why she was so angry.

No, it was the topic from this morning that Dawn had called to tell her about. She grew curious once again as she stopped for a late lunch slash early dinner, her chest burning with it and let it be on her head. Curiosity killed the cat after all and skies above!

Strike One.

There was articles of her and her ‘hysteria’, ‘just nervous’ and other related articles on the web, that Roland was missing her, that he was so heartbroken she called off the wedding. They had trippled since this morning, she even saw the press release from Roland’s Agency and her Father. She closed the pages immediately after seeing all the support from their fans or his fans and their anger, their support for him.

Strike Two.

She logged into her email, email after email from her father and Roland, each expressing that it was just a little misunderstanding, that it wasn’t what it looked like… but her fathers was a more of a demand to return and a constant point to Roland. How is it a misunderstanding? How could he even dare to say that it wasn’t what it looked like?

A snort escaped her lips at that while the fury burned bright behind her eyes. Wasn’t what it looked like? So it wasn’t you with your dick in her on our bed?

“Mari?” The hesitant voice of Sunny snapped her out of her seething rage. “Are-Are you alright?”

Her shoulders slumped and she harshly slammed the lid of her laptop close. “Sunny, I’m fine.”

“Is it about him?” Sunny blurted out before blushing and stammered out his apologies at her scowl. “S-Sorry, Dawn told me this morning when she talked.”

“It’s fine Sunny and yes, it has everything to do with that bastard. He’s telling everyone that I was nervous, that it was me being hysteric and afraid.” She spat out her hands clenching the table to the point her knuckles turned white.

Sunny frowned and then jerked in surprise as his name was called from Vera, a sandwich bag to go in her hand. He quickly got to his feet and thanked her before making his way back to Mari who was shoving her laptop into its case angrily. “You need a drink, I start my next shift in about ten minutes we can go over there and I’ll buy you one.”

“That sounds appealing, I must look like crap for you to offer as you don’t seem the type.” She replied watching as the blush crept from his cheeks to his ears.

“Ah no, you’re right there but-but you really do need a drink and I’ve been told drinking helps somewhat?” He finished with a slight high pitch twist and the statement came out as a question. He wasn’t really too sure as he wasn’t really a drinker himself and offering anyone to come get a drink seemed like a fumble on his tongue. It just wasn’t him. “But- ah… just as friends, cause…”

“Because you like my sister, it wasn’t hard to figure out Sunny.” The laugh that left her lips was teasing and fond at the same time and though she’s only known him for like a night she knew. It was kind of hard to miss the moon-eyed stare he gave when her voice piped up from the other side of the phone. “Wait, you work at the Wild Primrose?”

“Ah yeah, I waiter in the morning and then do the sound checks at night for when they have bands or Karaoke.” Sunny explained as they made their way outside. “I stop over here to get food because Vera makes the best subs in the county.”

Marianne raised her brows impressed; she knew how hard it was to set up the lighting and sound check, even more to do so on a whim without a plan. She cast a sceptical look upon the brightly pink sign of the primrose before stepping inside behind Sunny. Oh skies… it was not what she expected.

She could still see the old place underneath but many things were gone and shifted, the images of fame the only thing besides the wood work that stayed. It felt like a hipster paradise that merged with country and rock. Her eyes took it in as Sunny went to a vacant booth table before landing on the masks that sat on a clear beam above the bar. They seemed familiar but could not recall why but they stood out with their unique shapes and forms.

Thankfully there was no sign of Roland, herself or Dawn anywhere on the walls and she realised then that the majority of the photos were of local talents or those that blew through. With a shake of her head she began to make her way over to Sunny before blinking in surprise as the man from next door was slumped in one of the booths.

“Ah Mari, this is our neighbour Bog. Bog this is Marianne, she uh…” He trailed off while scratching the back of his head.

She raised her brows but couldn’t look away from the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen, they were unlike her sisters near sea blue… No, they were the colour of a spring sky, clear and warm but she could see the darkness that lay in their depths.

“My sister and I travel a lot for work; she had neglected to inform me that we had a house guest till I turned up and nearly attacked him in my own kitchen.” She explained while holding out her hand for the man – Bog – to shake. “Nice to meet you Bog, I apologise for this morning.”

Bog shook his head and glanced down at the waiting hand and back up before hesitantly taking it. They were warm and rough, she had a workers hand, a musicians hand like his own and strength he didn’t realise she would have… after all she looked so dainty. Don’t judge a book by its cover Boggart! It was his mother’s words that rung in his ears as that thought popped in his head.

“It’s alright Tough Girl; I’m use tae verbal abuse.” He replied with a strained grin hoping that she would laugh and brush it off like everyone else, only it did the opposite of that and her frown only deepened.

There was a bitter undertone in the words that tugged something deep within her. “No, I was just having a bad day and it’s no excuse to snap. I must have taken you by surprise and well, you took me by surprise too.”

Sunny sat back and replied to the message Dawn sent him, his fingers flying across the keypad as he watched the two before him. He was a little weary when Bog sat down to talk because Bog being the lead singer of Broken Carapace should know who Marianne would be, even with her name. Though he knew Marianne wouldn’t know who Bog was, no one knew but the band and the labels.

Though, he found out by accident one night when he went through a wrong door in Bog’s house and stumbled across the actual carapace of the Goblin King’s attire being mended and Bog fixing it. He was sworn into secrecy, signed the disclosure form without batting an eye.

He found it hilarious once he realised that they were oblivious to each other’s fame. He would keep it to himself of course, being the only one who knew who they were exactly but he wouldn’t tell anyone… even Mari, Dawn or Bog himself. They will just have to figure it out for themselves.

Author Note: A bit shorter but hey!

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