Chapter Nine

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

Bog rushed back to his place via the secret entrance between their two houses and stormed inside. Anger and worry swirling around him like violent dark clouds of a hurricane as he quickly raced upstairs to grab his leather jacket and gloves while storming back downstairs and pulled his boots on.

“Bog? What’s the matter?” Griselda asked worried as she waddles out from the lounge room at the angry stomping and muttered curses. She really hoped that it had nothing to do with the girl next door and she hasn’t seen her little briar this angry since that she-devil who hurt him.

“Ah’m needin’ tae git tae Plum’s, Lizzie’s been recognised ‘n’ is terrified. Pare isn’t in town at th’ moment ‘n’ a’ body else is scattered.” Bog snarled furiously as he stormed out the front door, catching the muffled thumps from next door.

With a shake of his head Bog mounted his bike and let it roar to life. Lizzie needed him and if he had to put Mari at the back of his mind then so be it, he wasn’t sure what drew him to the mysterious spunky neighbour… He shot his mam one last look as she stood at the top step of the porch before tearing out of his drive and towards The Wild Primrose.

Several traffic infractions later Bog came to a screeching halt in his usual parking spot, yanked out his keys and stormed inside, his eyes scanning every single face for the person that should not be here.

The air was thick with tension, some of the regulars sitting close to the door with wary eyes and grim faces. People could tell something was wrong, had instinctually positioned themselves in strategic places to either flee or help and then there were those that were not so regular, people from the next town over or passing through, shifting nervously but ignoring as much as they could; unwilling to be a part of what was about to happen.

Lizzie stood pale behind the counter, her whole frame tensed as she wiped down the bar with one hand; the one that was injured. Bog could see that her other was clutched around the grip of the baseball bat that sat under the bar.

“Where?” He asked as softly as he could but there was no use in hiding the fury he felt.

Without looking Lizzie pointed in the direction of the dark brown eyes that hadn’t left her since being seated. It was a familiar face, a face that usually came in threes and she had no clue on how he found her… she didn’t know if it was him or one of his brothers but it didn’t matter.

Casting a look in the direction Bog’s anger tripled, his hands clenching tight enough that his covered nails stung as they dug into his palm. “Call the police, I’ll deal with this.”

Without looking back Bog began to stride towards the stalker, watching with hidden dark amusement and satisfaction as the male paled three shades and went to flee but Bog was quick and in the blink of an eye he had the bastard pinned to the table.

“Ye ‘n’ yer good for nothing brothers were warned what would happen if ye came near mah cousin again, we hae a restraining order oan a’ three o’ ye ‘n’ yet here ye fucking are in mah families bar scaring th’ bugger out o’ my cousin.” He snarled, his voice echoing throughout the now quiet bar.

The bastard brother who hurt his cousin was only sentenced to a year in prison and parole but got out early with good behaviour. Their cousin had money and had used it well to get the bastard off with a very little sentence since he greased the palms of a few officials.

Another reason why he hated Roland Knight.

Everyone held their breath as they watch the rough looking 6 foot something biker pin the preppy kid to the table, each straining their hearing as the rough brogue filled the silence cutting through the air like a sharp knife.

Bog dared not move beyond keeping the bampot pinned to the table, he knew that if he moved then he would likely do more harm than good and he didn’t wish to spend a night in jail… again. It just wasn’t worth the hassle it caused, between filing out the paperwork, having his lawyers speak to the police and his mother’s five hour lecture and passive aggressive retaliation like last time.

Though he didn’t stop his hand from tightening around the bampot’s jacket firmly as he began to try and squirm free. Honestly Bog couldn’t tell if there was anything being said, a ring had begun in his ears, blocking all other noise in the vicinity a sign he was very close to losing his temper rightly.

But it was oh so tempting, his cousin had gone through a lot, the nightmares, the surgeries and Pare was amazing even if he too suffered from them but Bog and the others had been there through it all, she- they were finally in a good place and this little piece of shite came crashing in with a sledgehammer… so yes, he was tempted to beat the ever loving daylights out of him.

“Cousin, you need to let go…” Lizzie’s voice whispered, shaking him from his thoughts. “Co-ogha, ma’s e do thoil e…”

Hearing the familiar lit of Gaelic fall from Lizzie’s lips had Bog jerking back, his hand detaching from the little shite before him with enough speed and force that it caused him to fall forward into the awaiting hands of the police.

“Tha mi duilich, Lizzie. Ah juist…” He stammered out detachedly, he’d have to apologise properly later.

Lizzie shook her head as she led him to the bar, pouring a drink for both of them. Plum spoke to the police, when had she arrived?

Seeing Lizzie’s hands shaking Bog took the bottle of scotch from her hands and poured the drinks, the fear in her dark eyes yanking clarity back into his anger addled mind and chasing the red hazy fog it created. “How are ye Lizzibeth? He dinnae touch ye?”

“No, he just came and ordered a drink, I didn’t realise who it was until I looked over and saw him staring at me. Sunny was about to leave his shit and I didn’t want… I didn’t want him to know I recognised him so I sent him to get ye.” She stammered out before throwing back her.

Plum sighed softly as she stepped next to Bog, “the police need to speak with you dear and Imp called Pare, he’s on his way back now and should be here within the hour.”

Relief crashed through Lizzie with enough force that she sagged against the bar, the colour was slowly coming back to her face and the fear no longer was the dominant emotions. “Thank the skies… I… thank you.”

“Ye no need tae thank us Lizzie. Iffen ye need us we’ll be here.” Bog supplied with a grin, watching as his cousin gathered her strength and slowly made her way over to the awaiting detective before turning to his aunt with a scowl. “Tell me that little shite is going tae jail for breaking th’ restraining order?”

Plum’s cornflower blue eyes darkened. “I’ve called our lawyers, we don’t know if he called his brothers or cousin with her whereabouts but I’ll be giving Lizzie some time off, it might be better if she went to visit Pare’s family for a while.”

Nodding Bog threw back his drink and grimaced. “Then ah’ll make a call fer the others tae come. Just in case he did make a call, then Brutus will be ready and Stuff’s got a mean hook.”

“Good, I’ll stay here with Lizzie till Pare arrives, you go home… go back to your girl.” She drawled cheekily, letting out a bright cackle as Bog began to splutter.

The evil witch.

Author Note: Okay, so I’ve been stuck on this but I hope this is okay?

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