Chapter Seven

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

The fire burned ever so bright before him, eating away the wooden splinters with the same malicious glee the woman next to him held. Even now as he turned towards her he could see the pure joy as she watched the fire.


“Would ye like tae go get some breakfast with me?” He asked and a beat of a second later, as her surprised amber eyes shot to his own, his brain came to a screeching halt. “Uh- ahm… thats if… ye don’t ave tae… just… shite.”

Bright laughter spilled from Marianne’s lips as she took in Bog’s ruddy cheeks. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

Bog felt his heart squeeze painfully, disappointment and bitterness fluttered to the top. How could he be so stupid? Of course she wouldn’t want to have breakfast with someone as ugly as he.

Stupid… stupid… stupid…

…It’s just we can’t leave the fire unattended. Oh! How about we clean up, grab some food and coffee before coming back to continue adding to this beauty?” Marianne suggested with a smirk and unknowingly kicking the doubts and melancholy in Bog’s head to the curb.

“Sounds like a plan Tough Girl. Ah’ll bring some food ‘n’ ye supply the coffee?” He asked with a toothy grin, he can’t remember when he had smiled so much or so honestly last.

The smirk turned into a full blown grin as Marianne hopped to her feet. “How do you like your coffee?”

“Black with a three sugars,” Bog replied as he gathered up the medical supplies, throwing the packages into the fire before standing. “Ah should probably walk around th’ front instead o’ climbing over th’ fence.”

Marianne chuckled softly before making her way towards the fence, several paces down was an archway in the hedges. She had been friends with the neighbours when she was little and they had created a ‘secret gate’. Well her father and the neighbours father did, her mother planted the hedges and when she bought the house back so many years ago Marianne was pleased to see it still there.

“No, you can just pass through here.” She explained while pushing the fence with a grunt, the hinges creaking from the rust as the boards slipped up. “It was made when I was younger.”

Bog felt his brows rise in wonder and smiled. “Well that’s convenient Tough Girl.”

“Go get food, I’m starved and nothing is better than food for a hangover. Perhaps we should shower first though… I smell and feel like death warmed over.” Marianne suggested, sniffing the shirt with a shudder.

It was then that Bog realised he still wasn’t wearing anything more than the pair of jeans from yesterday and that he too smelt of stale beer, food and all things that reminded him of a tavern. “Give me about 30minutes tae shower ‘n’ cook some more food if me mam didn’t cook enough.”

Marianne chuckled and watched Bog slip through the gap in the fence before quickly making sure that the fire was okay for several moments and raced up stairs. Sunny had left for work, in fact he was gone before she even got out of bed and for that she was thankful as she began to pull off her clothing as she ran up to her room and into the shower.

It took her about ten minutes to scrub herself clean, do a quick shave and dove into a fresh pair of clothing. The make-up was easy enough, some dark eyeliner, some eyeshadow and foundation before she thundered back down to the kitchen.

She had coffee to make.


Bog jumped as his mother stepped out around the corner and in his path. “Mam!”

“It’s not often I take ye off guard my little briar. What’s got you all jittery, has it got something to do with that girl next door?” Griselda asked with a sly grin only to smile wider as her son blushed up a storm.

She hadn’t seen him blush this much since before Cara, Griselda also knew that his good mood was because of the small fiery woman. Her heart warmed at the image they made, she had watched Bog from her bedroom window after he tore out of the house. He pulled his shirt off for the woman to staunch her wound without hesitation, a sign of unknowing trust from her boy.

“Mam, it’s not… Ah…” Bog stammered before snapping his jaw shut as his mother waved him off with a smile.

“I made breakfast, its warming in the oven… theres enough for two.” Griselda explained off handedly with a warm smile before blinking as Bog bent down and kissed her cheek before pushing past her into the kitchen and then out through the door before she could realise what happened.

Her hand rose to touch her cheek in stunned surprise before smiling wide. It had been so long since her son gave her any form of affection as he wasn’t and hasn’t been a touchy person since the death of his father and then the shattering of his heart.

Bog hurried with the two plates of food to the secret gate and paused just as he stepped back into the yard. A soft voice reached his ears, one that was oh so familiar that niggled at his mind but couldn’t place and he cocked his brow as he watched Marianne place the cups down, her hips swinging as she sung.

“I woke up to find the earth was round one day.
All around the world, things began to change.
Never had I ever seen the sun
rise that way above the day to greet the dawn.”

It was low and held a slight rasp, a sweet melody of reflection and emotion.

“The earth shook beneath my feet.
The storm raged through the night.
I lost all that I had won,
but I flowed like the river.

Flow… OH!”

Marianne grimaced slightly as she looked up to see Bog staring at her with an indescribable emotion, two plates full of eggs, bacon and toast in his hands. “Sorry Bog, didn’t see you there.”

At her voice Bog shook his head and made his way to her side, handing her a plate before taking the seat he had before. “Ye took me by surprise is all, ah knew ye could sing but ah didnae know it extended to sobriety as well. Are ye a fan of Broken Carapace?”

Marianne looked up startled. “Yes I am, I take it you’re a fan as well since you knew the song?”

“You could say that.” Bog snorted while internally cursing at himself for the slip he made. “They’re good, the songs…”

“They speak to you, each one was written with emotion. Sadness, anger, hurt… they’re relatable in some way by the lyrics or just by the music itself.” Marianne finished matter of fact and turned her eyes to the food before her with a blush.

Bog blinked and smiled softly. “Aye, the songs speak tae ye.”

Several moments of silence passed between them as they ate and watched the fire burn away before them. Every now and then Marianne would grab a trinket and toss it into the fire with enough force to shatter it.

Meanwhile Bog was deep in thought, his eyes flickering up to the woman in wonder. No one but he and his band understood what went into their songs. No one had used the words he himself has described them and he didn’t know what to think or feel about that.

Marianne was different and that’s what he liked about her.

Author Note: *smothers smirk* The song is Flow by Shawn James… I really like his work so Bog’s ‘songs’ will have a mix of them and Shinedown, hellyeah… etc etc… but aint they adorkable?

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