Chapter Three

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

Bog jerked awake and crashed to the floor with a groan, taking his pillow and sheet as his alarm blared. It wasn’t his usual alarm either where he woke to the radio; no it was the blasted fog horn klaxon sound.

“Oh good you’re up.” His mother cooed from the door, laughing as he just snarled at her and covered his head with the pillow before slamming his hand down on the offending clock.

“What is it yeh waant mother? It’s eight in th’ morning!” He growled out from under his pillow. “Ah came home tae rest, nae tae be woken up rudely. Ahm nae oan th’ band’s schedule right now!”

“You sound just like your father.” Griselda chuckled fondly, holding back the pang of her Cedar. His accent was just as thick when he woke up early and before he could get his morning coffee.

Bog groaned and pulled the pillow away from his face and sighed deeply, it seemed he had no chance but to get up. “What is it yeh need me tae do mother?”

“Aura called, she needs some help with the place today and Lizzie cannot help out.” Griselda stated neutrally while tightening her lips in agitation. Her and her sister Aura haven’t really spoken since she had bought out Cedar’s bar and destroyed what was his legacy after promising not to. Cedar’s Bog was turned into ‘The Wild Primrose’ and was now a butchered Frankenstein version of a bar, coffee shop and a very small stage for local talent.

It was a huge argument that nearly destroyed their family; in fact it did destroy her family. Griselda’s eyes locked onto the pain filled face of her son, it was because of Aura or well Plum as she liked to be called, he had lost his fiancée.

Griselda filed in anonymous complaints that had her scrambling to keep up to date in health and safety requirements and sudden inspections. In spite Aura did her best to get Bog furious and expose him and expose something she did, telling that factious woman that he was the Goblin King in Broken Carapace. There was a whole bunch of legality issues that transpired after it and it was revealed that the woman he loved only loved him for the money.

He was broken and after that swore off love, Griselda made sure that the tramp signed a gag order about it or suffer her wrath.

The only reason why they still spoke and helped with Aura was because of Lizzie who co-owned the bar slash café. She pretty much owned it actually with how flighty Aura could be, going from one place to another and back again all the while dragging her second husband with her. Izz Klemp or Imp as he prefers to be called and it fit the strange man to a tee. He loved to prank people, cause jokes and sometimes they ended badly they fit together truly. Crazy attracts.

“Ah dae nae have a choice dae ah?” Bog asked while sitting up, wincing at the smarting spot on his hip from impacting with his hardwood floor. “What about Sunny?”

“Sunny started his shift at Six this morning, he is working till Twelve and then be back at Five till closing. We can’t have him working a triple shift.”

Bog groaned and got to his feet, twisting his back and then neck, sighing at the relief as it cracked. He spends too much time hunched over and singing the way he does tends to tighten the muscles in his neck.

“Fine… coffee first.” He grunted out as he gathered clothing and shuffled to the shower, pausing with a frown at the Purple Dodge Challenger in the drive at Sunny’s house as he walked passed his bedroom window.


He knew it wasn’t Sunny’s as the poor guy couldn’t even afford a car, having to bus, walk or cycle to the Café unless he got a lift from his cousin.

It was so odd, the house next to his had been vacant since he bought this one, but it looked lived in and he knew that it was well looked after until Sunny moved in. That’s how they met officially actually; he was home from tour and was awoken from the ruckus to find the small cousin of Pare moving in.

That was a few years ago now, they’ve been friends since when he actually got home. Come to think of it Sunny never invited anyone over, always offering to come over himself or meet somewhere, said it didn’t feel right without his friend knowing. Bog brushed it off as one of the small man’s quirks but now?

With a shake of his head Bog quickly rushed through showering and getting ready for the day, grimacing as he took in his reflections. Dark bags rested under his red tired eyes, permanent shadow clung to his too narrow and pointed jaw, his dark hair damp and mussed. Hideous. A sigh escaped his lips as he scrubbed at his face, wincing as he felt the familiar bump in his nose from it getting broken when he was a teenager and the scars that ran across his face – from his too thin lips to his chin – that was caused by his car accident after…

No, you are to never think about her…

Bog felt his lip curl in a snarl before he stomped down stairs with keys and his leather jacket in hand, grabbing the coffee from his mother as he did so. Shoes, he needed his shoes… which were on the porch still. With a sigh he sat heavily on the porch steps, placing the coffee at his hip and yanked his beloved combat boots on.


The sound of a door slamming had his eyes snapping to left in confusion before jerking back in surprise, his breath hitching as he took in the woman that was staying in Sunny’s house. Her hair shone gold and copper against the deep chestnut of her hair short hair, he could tell from here that it was her real colour too as there was no way that could be replicated.

She is…

“What are you looking at?” Marianne asked, nearly snarled as she saw the man next door staring at her with surprised eyes.

If she wasn’t in such a foul mood after receiving all the messages from Dawn about the tabloids and then actually getting up to look… the no good cheating son of a bitch told everyone she was stressed and that they were still getting married… that pig… then she would have been gaping at the man just as much.

Bog blinked and then frowned. “I dinnae know Sunny had ah guest.”

Oh sweet skies he had an accent… She cooed inside before scowling, nearly snarling in reply at the girlish coo in her head. “More like I didn’t know I had a guest in my own home.”

“Wait what?” Bog blurted out confused as the words registered. Her house?

Marianne rolled her eyes and stomped down to her car, she had things to do today and it was already a very bad day. She wanted to get out and get some things before taking a little adventure around town to see what was different. With a sigh she opened the door and threw her bag inside before glaring back at her neighbour. “I don’t have time for this, it’s a shitty day already and I got things to do.”

Bog held up his hands with raised brows unable to tear his eyes away from those amber eyes. “Alright Tough Girl, no need tae take it out on me.”

She narrowed her eyes slightly at the name before getting in her car and starting the engine, smiling softly as it rumbled to life. With a quick look back towards her neighbour’s yard, her breath hitched as she caught his long lean frame mounting the Harley she had now just realised was there.

Oh sweet berries this was just unfair…

Snap out of it Marianne! You don’t have time for this nor do you want it!

Out of habit she turned the radio on and then abruptly turned it off as her duet with Roland played on the radio, already sending her foul mood even darker. That son of a bitch.

Bog frowned behind his visor as he pulled out onto the street and took off towards town, nearly swerving off the road as he cursed at the sudden realisation that he’d have to go to Plum’s first for a coffee since meeting the mysterious woman distracted him from drinking the one his mother had made for him.

Nae, just grab a horrible two dollar one from the gas station and go about your day until you have to go to Plum’s. He reasoned with himself, his body giving a full shudder at the thought, be it from the idea of a two dollar coffee or his aunt.

Either way he needed coffee before dealing with Plum anyways so his decision was made for him.

“She’s just a devil woman

With evil on her mind

Beware the devil woman

She’s gonna get you

She’s just a devil woman

With evil on her mind

Beware the devil woman

She’s gonna get you from behind”

The words rolled off his lips smoothly, a grin tugging at his lips as glaring amber eyes lined with purple and ruby red lips tugged into a snarl flashed across his mind. There was something about the woman that caught his interest; he wasn’t sure what… of course you do… but he would have to ask Sunny about his house guest… no the house owner he was renting from.

Right now he needed coffee.

Author Note: *groans* Come on guys, song ideas will help me a great deal haha. I’m usually one who listens to LOTR style music… but I hope you enjoyed this!

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