Chapter Two

Title: Craving Normality to Some Degree

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They just craved the silence, to sing for themselves and not what is expected of them but it’s kind of hard to do when you’re famous.

Third Point of View

“What do you get when you give your heart?

You get it all broken up in patterns

Ya that’s what you get a heart in shatters

I’ll never fall in love again

No, no, I’ll never fall in love again

No, no, I’ll never fall in love again”

Marianne sighed a she pulled to a stop at the red lights, her hand running through her short hair, the song a bitter taste on her tongue. Dawn had removed those horrible heavy hair extensions, the ones that both her Father and Roland suggested she wear when she cropped her hair short.

It was more feminine they said, she looked too much like a boy otherwise for a pop sensation. It was total and utter bull crap. The hair had been Roland’s suggestion and of course that silver-tongued bastard got into her father’s ear about everything. So everything she was went, all her own music was packed away, her hair lengthened, jeans were replaced with dresses and pants with skirts unless it was for a show.

God she hated it all but she went with it all because she thought that’s what love was. It wasn’t, she knew that now.

Now she looked more like herself now than the sweet Marianne the world knew. No more bright colours and neutral makeup, she was back to her deep violets, red and black, both in clothing and makeup. She was happy — well not happy, she can’t feel the joy under the torrent of fury — but she was herself.

“What the?” She uttered as she finally pulled up into the drive of her home, brows pulling down as she took in the brightly lit house that should be dark. With gritted teeth she quietly got out of her car, keys in one hand and the mace Dawn insisted on in the other. What she would give for a bat or even a tyre iron in her hands, but the first was hard to come by at the moment and the latter would be too noisy to get.

Confusion battled with anger at whoever was in her house as the closer she got the more she could hear the occupant inside singing.

“Don’t believe me just watch
Don’t believe me just watch
Don’t believe me just watch
Don’t believe me just watch
Hey, hey, hey, oh!”

Who on earth was in her house?

With steady hands she swung her keys around and unlocked her door, slipping in the small opening she made quiet as a mouse and tiptoed her way towards the kitchen. She knew she should call the police but damn it, this was her home and she didn’t live in this house so the hassle the police would cause… No, she wasn’t in the mood to deal with them or reveal who she was just yet… the person might be one of the housekeeping.

The smells of melted cheese hit her the closer she got to the kitchen and when she finally peered inside it took her all she had not to yelp in surprise. There before her was a short statured man with spiky black hair dancing round her kitchen while making food.

“Stop. Wait a minute. Fill my cup put some liquor in it. Take a sip, sign a check. Julio, Get the… WHOA!” Sunny yelped in shock and fright as he spun around to see a woman in the doorway, the plate he had clattering to the ground and shattering on in pact.

“Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?” Marianne demanded after she snapped out of her shock, the pepper spray held at his eye level in warning.

Sunny frowned. “Your house? I’ve been living here for about a year now, Dawn told me it was all good since I moved outta home.”

“What? Since when… Sunny?” Marianne gaped as everything began to click in her head. Sunny Elfman was a long-time friend of her sisters, practically grew up together until they moved and lost contact. “I didn’t know you and Dawn found each other again, let alone close enough for her to allow you to live in our home.”

Sunny blinked and jerked in surprise as he saw the confusion on the woman’s face, it too took him a moment to place the features heavily modified by the dark contrasting make up and his face fell ever so slightly when he remembered everything Dawn spoke to him about. “We uh, we’ve been speaking for the last four and half years.”

At that Marianne’s shoulders slumped more and the confusion and hurt was replaced by shame and rage. She had been so self-absorbed in the world Roland dragged her in that she had neglected her sister, had lost that connection and she can’t even remember if Dawn did tell her about Sunny or not.

“I’m sorry Sunny, you gave me a fright. Why didn’t Dawn tell me when I decided to come here for the next three months though… ooooo.” She trailed off before pulling out her phone and dialling her sister, her eyes never leaving the slightly pale man before her.

Marianne? Did you get there alright, is something wrong?” Dawn babbled over the line, not even bothering to say hello.

Sunny watched as Marianne’s lips thinned as she put her phone on speaker and gestured for him to say hello. With a little gulp of worry he hesitantly stepped forward and peered at the phone. “Uh… Dawn?”

SUNNY? Wha… ohhhh…. OHHHH.” If he wasn’t so petrified of the angry sister before him still holding the pepper spray then he would have laughed at the sudden realisation that came over her.

“Yeah Oh, why didn’t you tell me about this? The house is mine after all, I nearly pepper sprayed him Dawn, I thought he broke in!” Marianne shouted exasperated, her free hand running down her face.

“I’m sorry Mari, he needed a place to stay when he lost his job and got evicted, he keeps the place maintained in exchange for a place to live. He pays for utilities and everything else, it goes to Fern.” Dawn explained in a small voice, it made Marianne sigh in fondness and guilt for upsetting her so.

“Fine he can stay.” She shot him a look. “But you must never tell anyone where I am or who I am or I will make your life a living hell and there will be no place for you to turn to, got it?”

Sunny gulped and nodded quickly in agreement before gesturing to the kitchen bench where he was making grilled cheese, a silent offer that got a silent nod. He quickly got to his feet and tuning out the whispered conversation behind him as he grilled up another two sandwiches for Marianne.

When it was done he quickly pulled them out from the grill and onto a plate before steeling himself for the glare that was surly on her face, only to be surprised when instead of a glare it was a look of exhausted sadness.

“Do you—Do you want to talk about it?” He asked slowly and of course in a stammer, curse his nervousness.

Marianne froze as her mouth opened to spout her usual ‘I’m Fine’ but she needed to get it off her chest, just some of it at least. “Yes… no… I don’t know. Everything is a mess right now and you’ll surely hear about it in the next day or so but… I don’t know.”

He could sense her reluctance to explain fully, it was something he could understand to some degree but he would never understand that grief that lay behind the anger in her eyes. Oh how he had seen it before, seen it in the eyes of his cousin’s and his wife’s eyes after her accident had seen it in his mother’s eyes when his father had left.

She had been hurt deeply by someone and he suspected who it was. Dawn never liked Roland, said something was strange but she decided to look past it for her sister’s happiness… but Sunny never got over it, even if he didn’t know the dick besides the TV interviews, gossip or magazines.

“Well this is my grilled cheese special, clogs the arteries but guarantees sated hunger and happiness!” He cheered before pushing back from the table and standing.

Marianne watched with a small smile as Sunny spun on his heels with a clap and shuffled; his voice ringing out once more and she couldn’t help but back him up. “I’m too hot (hot damn), Called a police and a fireman. I’m too hot (hot damn). Make a dragon wanna retire man, I’m too hot (hot damn) (hot damn).”

“Thank you.” She replied after the impromptu of the chorus before biting into the grilled cheese, a small moan escaping her lips at the taste. “This is good.”

“Three different cheeses packed on heavily buttered thick slices of toast with a bit of mustard for that little bit of kick.” He explained happily as he plopped back down in the chair, taking a big bite of his own sandwich.

They ate the rest of the food in awkward silence, neither one willing to talk or knowing what to talk about. Marianne was thankful though that he didn’t push the subject and as she took subtle glances around she could see that nothing really changed that much, it just looked like a third person had moved in with very little things. A cup or two here, a few figurines on the bookshelves in the lounge, her swords still proud on the wall except she could see an added one… was that Jon Snow’s sword?

She’ll have to look tomorrow.

“I should get my stuff from the car and go to bed, I drove all the way from California.” She muttered while stifling a yawn.

“Oh— yes, yes… uh, I’ll get the plates. I have work in the morning so I’ll be gone around eight.” Sunny replied awkwardly while rushing to gather the dirty dishes and put away the food. “Goodnight Marianne, I’m sorry for giving you a fright.”

“I’m pretty sure I scared you more than you scared me, goodnight Sunny.” She replied while making her way back out to the car.

Tomorrow she will unpack and head into town for foodstuffs of her own, see what was new from the last time she was here and ignore every shred of social media there was to the best of her abilities. Right now all she wanted was to have a hot shower and collapse into her bed, no more worries for her tonight.

Author Note: Okay so ta-da! I had to change the way I had Sunny, I was originally not going to have him know Dawn or Marianne but hey! Things change haha.

Tell me, how are you liking it so far?

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