Chapter Five – Date Plans

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third POV

The next day Marianne found herself cornered in the dining room with and by Dawn, it served her right for trying to emerge from her room more to socialize with her sorority sisters. She should have known that even with Dawn being drunk as a skunk the night before she’d still remembered the interaction the night before.

“You’re telling me that he has called you twice I might add and you’ve yet to call him back?” She asked exasperated, her blonde hair swaying with the dismayed shake of her head.

Marianne sighed and looked up from her work once more. “I’m moving to New York in two months remember? What’s the point D?”

“What’s the point?” Dawn repeated with wide eyes full of disbelief. “What’s the point?”

Dawn was seriously questioning her familial ties to the woman in front of her. Even in a haze she could see the spark between the cowboy and her sister and yet her sister still won’t just for once go out and enjoy herself?

A frown replaced the look of disbelief as Dawn stared more at her sister, the slumped shoulders and the tense line of her jaw, the slight tick in her eye as they stared hard at the screen before her… Dawn’s heart ached as she realised what it truly was about, it wasn’t about New York at all.

“Oh Marianne, I know Rol… He hurt you but you need to give this guy a chance. He’s nothing like him, I just know it!” She explained with a soft sad sigh. “Just one date and at the end, tell him what is happening and if he wants to go on another… GREAT! If not then well… well… his loss.”

“I am starting a new chapter of my life… I do not need any distractions,” Marianne replied feebly, keeping her eyes averted from her sisters.

Dawn sighed, giving up for now. “Okay, I’ll let it drop for now but you are literally the only woman I know that won’t have a fling with a cowboy, Marianne. Now, I’m going to the movies with Sunny, I’ll be back later okay?”

Marianne waved her sister off, waiting till she heard the front door open and close before gathering up her things and retreating to her room. Shooting a glare at her sorority sisters as they peaked curiously around the corner; Rose giving a saucy wink as before she disappeared back into the kitchen.

Retreating to her room to complete her work was no better than sitting in the dining room; her eyes could not concentrate on the web page that had information on The Light Fields Art Collage as they kept flicking to the hat that rested above her desk and her phone that sat innocently by her lamp. It was a tempting distraction and she couldn’t help but worry her lip in indecisiveness as she contemplated on calling Bog back or not. She picked up her phone and sighed as she saw the two missed calls and the texts before throwing it down once more in frustration.

Have you called him yet ~ Dawn 3

Call him! ~ Dawn 3

If you haven’t called him by the time I get home Marianne, I’ll call him myself! ~ Dawn 3

“Oh stuff it.” She huffed before picking up her phone and thumbing the contact number, chanting ‘straight to voicemail’ in her mind in hope as the phone rang.

Bog paused from throwing the logs of wood in with the rest as the sharp cry of his phone pierced his angry huffs. He had called the Faerie woman and she had ignored his calls, he was so stupid to think once again someone like her could dare be interested in someone like him and yet he had still tried.

So when the second call went to voicemail once more he decided to take out his frustrations on chopping wood, perhaps he cut more than necessarily needed but he felt slightly better.

Wiping his hands quickly Bog took out his phone and blinked in surprise at the sight of the Faery woman calling him, Marianne. His heart leapt in his throat as he hurriedly thumbed the accept button.


HE could hear fumbling over the otherside of the line and wondered if it was a mistaken call or not, his traitorous heart clenched and he began to lower it when a nervous voice that was unlike the strong one he heard the night before filtered out the speaker.

Hey, Bog… uh it’s Marianne. I was wondering if maybe you’d want to hang out some time… or grab a coffee or—or something.” She blurted out and it took Bog by surprise, nearly laughing as he heard her muttered curse at herself for stammering and rambling.

“Ah was worried that ah’d nae hear from ye again…” He blurted out, his eyes slipping shut in frustration as he felt his cheeks flame.

Marianne cleared her throat and grimaced, her own cheeks flaring in embarrassment. “I’m sorry.”

“Ah, nae need tae apologise,” Bog quickly reassured before blurting out his question before he lost his nerve. “How ’bout dinner?”

“As in a date? Ah wow.” It was hesitant but still something in her tone gave him courage, gave him hope. “Most guys, they just say, ‘What are you doing later?’ or something along those lines.”

Bog couldn’t help but chuckle at the teasing tone. “Aye, well call me old-school. So what do ye say Tough Girl, would ye like tae go tae dinner?”

I would like that, do you want me to meet you somewhere?” She asked and Bog quikly thought up a plan for dinner, his mind racing over the places he knew and instantly tossed them aside as a picture of the lake just outside of town popped into his mind.

The smile that seemed to have been stuck on his face since the beginning of the call widened at the thought. “Nae. Ah’ll pick ye up at yer place. Does six o’clock work for ye?”

“Ah… sure! Uhm, how about I text you my address and I’ll see you then? Is… is there anything specific I need to wear?” The question was hesitant and in a tone that Bog knew well for he had used it before when his mother had set him up on dates after Cara. It raised questions but he would leave it for another time, unwilling to ruin the moment.

“Just wear something casual Tough Girl; I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He chuckled out before saying his goodbyes and quickly hurrying to stack the rest of the wood away so he could plan for tomorrow night.

He had his mother to divert and a phone call to make.


Marianne looked up as her door burst open, her sister’s scowl turning into a squeal as she took her in. “Oh my gosh you called him!”

“Dawn, Dawn inside voice!” Marianne scolded as she covered her ears from the high pitch squeals of excitement. “And to answer your question, yes I did call him and we’re going out to dinner tomorrow night.”

“EEEEEEE!” If it was possible Dawn’s squeals got even higher and another pitch Marianne would bet that her sister could break glass. She quickly got up and shut the door as she saw Fern and Sarah pause in the doorway with raised brows at the spectacle Dawn was giving. “When is he coming? Where are you going? Can I help you pick out your clothes?”

It took everything within her not to cringe at the thought, but unable to hold back the image of her in a baby blue sundress and sandals. She had stopped wearing clothes like that when she and Roland broke up, she couldn’t stand the colours or the fashion as it was not her. No longer would she dress to impress those that matter little to her but she couldn’t say no to Dawn.

“He’s picking me up at Six and no I don’t know where we are going,” She started, placing her hand upon Dawns shoulder and pointing at her in warning. “You can pick out my clothes but he said something comfortable so no dresses or skirts must be something from my wardrobe. Not yours, Fern’s, Violets or any other of our sorority sisters got it?”

Dawn nodded quickly with sparkling wide eyes and rushed towards the dresser that sat in the far corner of the room.

And though Marianne was surprisingly excited for the next day, she couldn’t help but groan in worry as her sister began to throw out her just reorganised dresser from the last time Dawn did this. She could swear that her baby sister did this just to reorganise her clothes in a way that Marianne hated just to annoy her sometimes.

But still… Marianne thought as she watched her sister fondly she wouldn’t have it anyway…

Author Note: *taps screen* Anyone still there? Happy new year?

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