Chapter Four – Insecurities

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third POV

Bog clutched his phone tightly in his hands as he watched the three drive off with a wry smile. He had no clue just what happened but he could still feel the press of Marianne’s fingers on his own as she handed back his phone with her number, could still see her smirk and hear her laughter.

See you around Bog, maybe I’ll speak to you soon… if you call that is.

His eyes cast down to his dark phone before swiping up and blinking, not only was there a number but she had taken a selfie for her contact number with his hat and her sister blowing a raspberry.

Though his smile did not last for long as the words he had been trying to forget slammed back into him. Why would I love you? Have you seen yourself Bog? You’re too hideous to love, to wiry and… ugh.. this isn’t worth it anymore. I was only with you for the money and to get closer to the more attractive men in your ‘sport’…

Too hideous to love… it hurt to think about that night, hurt so much that he couldn’t put it into words. His world had shattered around his ears, the weight of the ring in his pocket forever burned into his memory the moment Cara left him. He was going to propose that night, he had it all planned out but it was not meant to be, he was not meant to be loved.

It also didn’t help to know that his Aunt had known about Cara, had been the one to help him pick out the ring when his mother was out of town. She didn’t mention anything all because of some petty thing he didn’t understand or even know about. Everyone knows that hurting Bog, hurt his mother and what happened practically destroyed him.

He stopped caring about his safety, stayed shut in when he wasn’t busy with the animals or riding… he just seemed to stop and only when his mother found him passed out in the barn after drinking his weight in alcohol with little to eat or sleep in days did he begin to live again. Just for her, he couldn’t do that to his mam, not after his father’s death.

With a shake of his head he pushed his way through the sea of people and towards where he knew his Aunt would be. Thanks to his height he was able to see over the mass of bodies and towards the spot that the friend of the girls said they were. His scowl deepened when he saw that it was the bampots who were new to the sport and caused a lot of trouble in their wake at the last event.

“BK?” Stuff called her voice full of concern as she caught the dark look on her friends face.

“Get Plum.” He ordered sharply. “An’ Brutus… Gus as well if he is workin’.”

Stuff nodded and hopped down from the stool, sending Thang to get Brutus and Gus while she made her way to the back office where she knew Plum was with her husband Imp. Something must have happened for Bog to willingly ask for his Aunt then something must have happened.

Her knuckles rapped on the door quickly as she eyed the area for any sign of what upset Bog. “Plum, you need to come quick. Bog’s requesting you, Brutus and Gus.”

Aura plum was not what you would expect in a place like this; there were no jeans or boots, no accent or typical country girl vibe. No, she was a short woman with vibrant blue hair, blue tie-dyed dress and bare feet. Her husband was just as short but with pale skin and snow white hair. She stuck out in amongst the reds, denim blues and browns.

Gus and Brutus met them half way while Thang waited for them at Bog’s side but they were no longer in the same place, now he stood tall over two obvious semi drunk idiots; his hands keeping them firmly locked on the bar stools they occupied.

“What’s wrong? What has happened?” Aura demanded and for a second Stuff had to blink because she sounded much like her sister Griselda in that moment.

Bog tightened his hands around the shoulders of the fools and growled. “i jus’ helped a lassie ‘n’ her friend get her sister tae th’ car, her very young an’ drunk sister. The Lass’s friend said tha’ these two bought her drinks when he went to the bathroom and afore ye ask, she had th’ underage band oan too.”

Aura’s cheerful smile turned sharp, her blue eyes darkening from a lovely cornflower to a violent sea in a blink of an eye. “I have rules in this establishment and one of them is to not serve the underages drinks, be you a customer or worker. That is what the wrist band is for, to show they’re underage. You get this one warning but if I see you near my bar again… Well, you never want to find out. Brutus, Gus, please escort these… gentlemen from my establishment and make sure they understand this warning.”

Brutus and Guys quickly seized the struggling idiots in their hands before forcing them from the bar, smirks on their faces as they cussed up a storm or begged someone to help them but everyone here was local, they knew the rules and they knew the consequences if they broke them.

“A Lass?” Aura asked with a teasing grin once the two drunks were gone, her brows rising as she watched her nephew splutter and blush before scowling at her once more.

There were many things she regretted in her life and hurting Bog to get back at her sister, to losing that closeness with him was on the top of that list.

“It’s none of ye concern Plum. But I thank ye for the help, if you excuse me I’m going home, mam will be worried.” He stated with a tip of his head and gave his farewells to Thang and stuff before making his way back outside once more.

He needed to get home, to silence so he can be alone with his thoughts. It was too loud, too much and he was starting to feel suffocated once more. He was having a good day, a minor setback with the panic that flared in his chest but a good day nonetheless. He even worked the courage up to speak with the faerie woman who had captured his eye after the ride.

Even now he could not stop thinking about her, her eyes and her laugh… the press of her fingers against his own. Bog, no.

But she gave him her number… I would say that I’d call you… but I have a feeling, it just doesn’t work like that. See you around Bog, maybe I’ll speak to you soon… if you call that is…

The drive back home was quick and silent; his lights shining off the trees and pastures.

Bog worried his lip as he pulled to a stop in the drive, his fingers fumbling with his phone and when he swiped up the Fae stared back at him.

Should he call her? Not now, but tomorrow… she did expect it or was she just being polite? She wouldn’t have given him her number… but it could be fake… he’s had that happen before when he was younger before Cara… she’s not like that… His mind whispered but Bog couldn’t be sure after spending a scant few minutes with the woman…

But… but in those short few minutes he had laughed, joked and teased. She had teased him back, smiled and joked along with him with no disgust in her eyes, no tenseness in her smile or eyes to show she was just being polite. He believed from that alone that Marianne was not like other women.

A beep reached his ears and knocked him from his thoughts and drawing his eyes down to his phone, one unread message flashed back at him.

Thanks for all the help tonight Bog, it was nice meeting you. Yorick likes his new accessory. ~ Marianne

Bog frowned at the message in confusion and hurt, he hesitated to open the attachment to the message before deciding he should just get it over and done with. If she had a boyfriend and he now wore his hat then… A startled laugh escaped his lips as he took in the photo.

It wasn’t a boyfriend…

It was a skull sitting on top of the dresser with sunglasses, a fake moustache and his hat.

It was decided… tomorrow he will call her.

Author Note: Kudos to those who get the reference! It’s coming along don’t you think? Did I do Bog well or too ooc?

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