Chapter One – The Beginning

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third POV

Boggart ‘Bog’ King stared out from the crowd as he got ready for his ride. The smell of sweat, blood, dirt and bull wafted in the air, the crowd screaming but unable to mask the presenters voice and the rattling pens of the beasts around him.

“This is the one and only PBR World Final! Boggart ‘Bog’ King is young, gruff, and a magician on a bull.”

Bog couldn’t help but snort at that, he knew that the presenter was going to call him easy on the eyes, but he was hideous. Tall wiry frame, sharp cheekbones, broken crooked nose, thin lips and a jutting chin that was forever marred by scars from a bad fall in his teen years.

“Nearly ready BK?” Steph or Stuff as people called her asked as she finished wrapping his wrist, Thaddeus Thang standing behind her with the rest of his gear.

“Aye.” He grunted out and wasn’t it ironic that though he was raised in the farmlands of North Carolina, he couldn’t escape from his Scottish routes even though he only spent the first five years of his life there.

His eyes drew to the bull to his right making its way to the chute; large and angry, a beast that refuses to be tame. His heart echoed loudly with its snorts and clangs, cursing himself as he clumsily tightened the strap on his boot.

“This bull has 74 consecutive buck-offs. Las Vegas, you know who I’m talking about. This is Rango!”

The crowd seemed to double in noise as he stepped out from behind the wall and towards the gates. The bull ready and his team waiting for him, tonight was the night he would break his father’s record, he just knew it. He just wished his mother was here to see it.

“Are you sure about this BK?” Brutus asked warily as he eyed the beast in the gate. He knew its reputation, knew that it was a mean spirited thing and bred from the same beast that caused Cedar’s accident many years ago.

Bog growled low in his throat as he pulled himself over the gate and stood above the beast, waiting for it to calm. “I am bludy well sure; I’m nae backing out now Brutus.”

“Okay Boss, if you’re sure.” The bulky man grunted out before jerking as Bog dropped down onto the heaving beast with ease.

Everything but the sound of the angry huffs and growls of the bull seemed to fade away as it shifted under him angrily while he tightened the bull rope and began to twist it in his hand, the bell clanging noisily underneath. His breath came in a short pant as he bucked forward and then settled once more; heart steadying in rhythm as the crowd’s cheers came roaring back.

It’s just like any other ride…

With that thought in mind he felt the grin creep on his face. He could hear the presenter giving his welcome, drawing the crowd’s attention and riling them even more, his own name a chant upon their lips.

“Let’s go!” He ordered with a smile before letting out a huff of a laugh as the gate swung open and Rango was let free.

It was a glorious terrifying experience as the beast bucked below him, his ears in tune with the growls and waited for the buzzer. Eight seconds, he had to last eight seconds…

The bull shifted under him and he felt his arm give, the jerk sending a slight jolt up his back and he knew, he knew that this was going to end badly and yet he still tried to hang on. Four seconds was on the clock, a bright glaring beacon of blue that mocked him as he found himself bucked high into the air, his body twisting and oh god, he knew this was going to hurt.

He felt his body hit the beast once and then again, pain spurring up his side like a flash fire, he could hear the beast snorting, the cries and shouts of those around him but he could do nothing but plead to the gods for it to end. The last thing he remembered was hitting the dirt and then nothing.


Dawn skipped happily down the sorority house hallway, her boots clacking on the floor merrily in her wake as she swung the other pair in her hand. It was the end of her first year at collage, she had chosen to follow Marianne’s footsteps and gotten a scholarship for fashion and managed to get in the same sorority.

“Hey have you seen Marianne?” She asked Violet, one of the triplets that had been Mari’s friend for the past four years.

Fern stepped out from behind the door and shook her head as well. “No sorry Dawn, maybe ask Rose?”

The disappointment disappeared and Dawn perked up before giving them a blinding smile. “Thanks, Tell them to save our seats!”

She will get Marianne to come to the local Bull Riding competition that’s happening on the outskirts of town. So help her, her sister needed to get out more and get over what happened with Roland. She let a frown mar her features for a blink of an eye before perking up once more as she saw Rose make her way down the hall.

“Rose! Have you seen Mari?” She asked while bouncing on her feet, her free hand flying up to steady the hat upon her head.

Rose laughed at the younger girl, their very own ray of sunshine. “She’s in her room studying, the same place she’s been for the last two days.”

Dawn took off down the hall mumbling to herself and wondered why she didn’t think to look their first before pausing as Rose called out behind her. “Good luck Dawn, you’re not gonna get her to go!”

A snort escaped Dawn’s lips as she came to a stop in front of her sister’s door and taking in the glaring ‘Do Not Disturb’. A huff of a laugh and a giggle Dawn shoved her sister’s door open and raised her hand with the boots up. “I have a present for you!”

“Hi, Dawn. Thanks for not….” Marianne trailed off as she tore her gaze away from the textbooks before her to the shoes in her sister’s hand and then trailed up to her sisters blinding smile and finally resting on the hat. “Wait. You were serious?”

“Of course, do I look serious?” Dawn asked while giving a little twirl of her outfit: daisy dukes, pink singlet, cowboy hat and matching boots.

Marianne stared blankly at her sister unimpressed. “No, you look ridiculous Dawn.”

“Oh come on Mari! They’re so much fun.” Dawn sighed out exasperated. “Don’t tell me you have work to do. You have time until the exams, its second semester! You promised me you’d come to the next one, you need to get out more.”

If it was one thing it was the eyes that Marianne couldn’t resist and her sister knew it. Hell, everyone knew you couldn’t say No to Dawn Fairfield when she gave you those eyes. But, like always Mari gave it her best shot to resist.

“I can’t, I really do need to study…”

Dawn didn’t let her finish as she pulled her sister up from her bed. “You already have a job lined up

in New York – Internship whatever… Please Mari, half the house is going, Sunny is going!”

“I don’t see myself as a Rodeo gal.” Marianne drawled out slowly as she tried to pry back her book from her sisters hands.

The youngest Fairfield rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Fine. It’s not the rodeo, its bull riding. There is a difference, so I’ve been told.” At her sister’s rolling eyes she continued. “You’re missing the point.”

“Hot guys, I know.” Marianne huffed out with another roll of her eyes.

“No, not ‘hot guys’. The hottest guys you have ever seen. Please Mari, come with me, spend some time with your baby sister and hopefully help her get closer to the hottest guys ever.” Dawn pleaded with a pout, smiling happily as her sister sighed and nodded her head reluctantly.

“Good! Sunny is driving, so put those on and get changed into something else! You have five minutes!” Dawn squealed as she raced out the door and towards her own room that she shared with another pledge to grab her bag.

Marianne sighed and shook her head fondly at her sister before doing as she asked, deep purple rights and a crimson dress with her leather belt and jacket. It will do, there was no way she was wearing a skirt of any kind or florally clothes that she knew the others would be wearing because of the heat. Thankfully she was never bothered by it.

She cast another sigh, gave one last look to her books before grabbing her purse and making her way outside. There was no point in escaping now since she agreed, hopefully it wouldn’t be boring that or she could drink herself into compliancy at least to dull the boredom.

Author Note: Okay, so I watched the movie and then the plot bunny latched on, so this is what spewed out… Also don’t judge for my mistakes, australian here guys lol. Tell me what you think, continue or not?

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