Chapter Six – Idle Chatting

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third Point of View

Bog nearly worked himself into an anxious mix from the moment he woke. It was near a nauseous mix of excitement and anxiety, a feeling he hadn’t had since Cara. But this time… this time something felt different.

He made plans and gathered all he would need for tonight. Thea was making the dinner, she was one of the best cooks he knew besides his Mam and he had the perfect spot picked out. Thea dropped off the food and some of her home made sweet tea and reminded him to pick some flowers before making her way home.

“Mam ah’m off!” He shouted as he ran up the steps of the porch and back down towards his car, pausing as a clatter and a curse echoed from inside the house. “Are ye alright?”

Griselda clambered out of the house with a red frilled apron and smiled, a smudge of flour upon her cheek. “Ah’m a’richt Bog, ye go oan ‘n’ have a good time dear!”

She watched as her son smiled and practically skipped to the car in joy. She prayed to the skies above that this girl would not be like the last, her Bog had been so sad since Cara and it hurt her deeply to see her boy suffer.

“Och Ceder, wish ye were here to see ye boy.” She whispered fondly before making her way back into the house, she had some desserts to make.


Bog frowned in confusion as he followed the GPS to the college and quickly finding a parking spot. A sharp ragged sigh escaped his lips as the anxiety bubbled to the top once more the moment he took in the lingering people on campus.

“It’s now or never.” He grunted before grabbing the bouquet of wildflowers that he picked with one of the deep purple night lilies in the centre. The warmth of the sun was the first to hit him as well as the soft cooling breeze and then it was the stares.

A slight uncomfortable feeling rose as he locked his truck and placed his hat upon his head as he began to follow the directions on his phone, making sure to duck his head a bit more with each person he passed. He could feel their stares on his back, the burning of them and the whispers that were just within his hearing range.

Many of them were about how strange he looked, some were wondering where he was going or who he was and for the first time in forever he was glad that he was as tall and intimidating as no one dared to approach him.

Taking a glance down at his phone he took the path that leads him to the right, a row of houses just past the current building. Relief pooled in his stomach before he found himself stumbling back as someone bumped into him.

“I’m so… so, so sorry…” the person stammered out quickly.

A growl lodged itself in his throat as he gathered up the flowers he had dropped and turned to snap at the person before freezing. He knew this man. “Do ah know ye?”

Sunny snapped his head up and up before blinking as the familiar face of the man before him and his words clicked. “Ah yes… yes, not formally. I’m Sunny… ahm… I was at the rodeo you helped me and Mari get Dawn in the car?”

“Oh, aye ah remember now.” Bog nodded. “Ah, do ye know where Marianne lives? Ah supposed tae meet her in aboot a couple o’ minutes.”

Sunny nodded enthusiastically with wide eyes, “the house is just down this lane, third one on the right. I’d take you myself but I’m late for class. Nice to meet you!”

“Nice tae meet ye too Sunny.” Bog called out as the small man took off in a run as he caught sight of the time.

The house was indeed easy to find, his eyes scanning the sorority sign with surprise as he double checked the address. He nodded his head to the women studying on the steps, a slight blush on his cheeks as he shuffled before the door. It took a beat of the second after he rang the bell for it to fly open to reveal a bright bubbly girl with large blue eyes.

“Boggy!” the little sprite squealed causing him to wince and scowl.

“Just Bog.” He grunted out, lifting his arms high as the little sprite launched herself at him for a hug before prancing back. “Yer Dawn right?”

“Oh yes! I’m Dawn, sorry about the last time I saw you… I didn’t throw up on you did I?” She asked with wide eyes and it took all of Bog’s restraint not to scowl at the reminder of those assholes who gave this wee young thing alcohol.

Shaking his head he gave her a comforting smile but he worried that it came out strained and a grimace. “No ye didnae get sick on me.”

The small woman seemed to sag in relief before perking up once more. “Come in, Marianne is just finishing getting ready upstairs.”

“Thank ye,” He replied while taking a step inside while removing his hat. His body tensed as he looked up to see all the stares. Both rooms on either side of him was full of women, books open in front of them as they studied and every single pair of eyes were on him. He felt like a prize cow at a show.

A clamour on the stairs had Bog looking up, his breath hitching as he took in the Faerie woman. She was clad in a pair of dark denim shorts, a purple top and the same leather jacket she wore when they met. Her face was all hard lines and dark makeup that reminded him of his rebellious years when he wasn’t riding.

“Ah, hi.” He stammered out, giving the faerie woman a smile.

Marianne smiled warmly if not a little nervously as she stared into the clear blue eyes of Bog. “Hi.”

“Oh, ah picked ye these.” He stammered out while holding the bouquet for her to take.

“Oh…” She trailed off, her eyes prickling ever so slightly at the wildflowers and the waterlily. “They’re beautiful.”

And they were. They were crudely bundled together and tied off with a piece of twine that indicated to Marianne that they were not the cheap flowers Roland usually picked up from the convenience store when he remembered. No, these were picked specifically for her and bundled with care and thought.

“I’ll take these and put them in some water for you Marianne, you two better head on out.” Dawn replied pleased as she took the flowers from her sister’s light hold, shooting the girls a look to quiet them when they began to coo.

Bog blushed and moved to open the door, holding it open for her. “Shall we?”


Marianne groaned as they reached the steps at the squeals and clambering of her sorority sisters behind the door. Did they really think that they wouldn’t hear them?

“I’m sorry for them.” She explained, jerking her thumb to behind them.

Bog chuckled and cast a look, his cheeks flaming once more as he saw the wide eyed stares and giggling women. He didn’t know how he should feel about that, to be pleased or to worry about what they were saying.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Marianne asked as they began to make their trek to where Bog parked.

A slight bark of laughter escaped Bog’s lips. “Nae Tough Girl, it’s a surprise. Ah promise ye gonna like it.”

Marianne let the subject drop for now as Bog lead her to his car and held the door open for her. She gave him a smile of thanks as she buckled in and waited for him to join her.

Curiosity burned as he pulled out and began to drive, leading them out from town. But she couldn’t help but enjoy the silence, the beauty of the surroundings they flew past and she also couldn’t help but taking peaks at him.

“Ye never said tha ye lived in a sorority house.” He started as he felt Marianne glance at him once more before looking away.

Marianne shifted and cleared her throat as she was taken by surprise. “Ah well… it’s the cheapest rent on campus and I didn’t want to live off my father’s money.”

Bog blinked and turned his attention back onto the road, his mouth opened and closed several times before blurting out a question and internally cussing after it. “Is it anything like ah would imagine?”

“How would you imagine it?” Marianne asked with a slight breathless huff of a laugh.

In for a penny, in for a pound… Bog threw her a crooked grin. “Pillow fights in your underwear.”

The laughter was loud and honest at the reply, her breath hitching as she took in the slightly crooked teeth in his wide smile, his glittering eyes. Oh he looked… “No. Come on! We don’t wear underwear.”

Bog snapped his head around to Marianne with wide eyes, flabbergasted. Rolling them heavenward as the small faerie woman burst out into a fit of laughter, her thumb coming up to wipe away the tear in her eye.

“I got you!” She giggled and Bog cast the woman a smile as he shifted in his seat.

“You did.” He chuckled before pulling off the road and down the small dirt path. “We’re here.”

Marianne inhaled sharply as her eyes snapped to the view. She took in the large body of water, the forest and the mountain in the distance with awe. “Oh wow… Bog this is breathtaking.”

“Ah’m glad ye like it Tough Girl, come on.” He gestured pleased while opening his door and stepping down. Tonight is going to be a good night.

Author Note: Well! Here ya go! What ya think?

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