Chapter Three – Little Introductions

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third POV

The bar was loud and boisterous, laughter echoed from the people around her, the stomping of boots adding to the rhythmic sound of the band. Thankfully she found a nice spot to sit in and a beer to keep her company as she kept an eye on Dawn.

But as she watched Sunny and Dawn dance, the triplets swirling around them three sheets to the wind, a pang of loneliness hit her. It was a feeling she didn’t feel often, well more like refused to feel, but it was a constant companion through her life nevertheless. Even now, surrounded by people.

She was always different, too loud, too stubborn as everyone called her until she met Roland.

He had been handsome, charming and ashamedly he swept her off her feet in a way that Marianne giggled and swooned. Not once noticing the possessive condesendting tones or the way he manipulated her.

Come now Buttercup, that’s not what a lady should wear.

Buttercup you know I only got eyes for you…

Art and music is just a waste of time, soon when we’re married you can stay home and look after the kids.

It was just a misunderstanding Buttercup, nothing but a passing fling.

All of a sudden the room grew too crowded, too hot and her chest burned with the heartbreak and anger. She gave Sunny a look and pointed out the door, waving him off when he went to leave Dawn’s side. Air, she needed air.

Meanwhile Bog watched with blank eyes as the lights in the arena shut down, he was in no mood for partying. No mood for celebration, it was just another night and that was just another ride. It could have been better but his nerves were shot to all hell.

“Good riding today, Bog!” Brutus called out as he went to make his way inside, his wife Thea at his side. “Come join us, celebrate your win.”

Bog waved off the couple with a smile he knew turned out to be a grimace. “No, ye go oan in, I’m taking a breather!”

Before they could even utter a word, he turned his back upon them and cast his gaze back out towards the arena but his mind was focused on a different one than today, one that was filled of blood and darkness. Bog grimaced slightly, his hand sneaking up and under his vest to caress the scars he could feel under his flannel.

Marianne’s breath came out in gasps as the cool air hit her heated flesh, letting it sooth the ache of her soul. She stumbled away from the plastic tarping that was the doors and to one of the hitching posts in front of her, nearly stumbling over in her haste.

At the sudden burst of noise Bog cast a look to his right, his brows lifting in surprise as he took in the faerie lady from today. Even now in the darkness with the red neon’s and the soft orange glow made her ethereal, if she was beautiful in the day, it was nothing compared to this. But as he looked closer he could see that her eyes were glazed, her breaths short and her grip was tight to the point her knuckles turned white. He knew this feeling well.

“Ye know, I ha’e ah hat just like that.” He teased before his nerves got the better of him.

At the sound of the burr accent Marianne whipped her head to the left in surprise— she didn’t realise anyone else was out here with her —and froze. There stood the Scottish Cowboy from today, the very one who had stolen her breath in excitement and made her for the first time ever glow in warmth as he let her keep his hat.

It was then as she cast a look up and realised what he said that she snapped to attention, her hand reaching up for said hat and removed it from her head, giving him an impish smile as she held it out to him once more. “Uh, yeah… sorry.”

Bog felt his eyes widen and embarrassment flare in his chest as he realised that she took him seriously. He quickly held up his hand and shook his head, a blush burning across his cheeks. “Nae, nae, ye hold oan tae it. Looks better oan ye.”

Marianne felt her brows shoot up, finding it oddly endearing at the way he stammered, how his cheeks flamed as they did, before plonking the hat back on her head crookedly. “Like this?”

His hand practically flew to his lips to smother the laugh that wanted to spill out at the movement, whether it be slightly hysteric from embarrassment or not he didn’t know. He watched as the fiery woman’s gaze shifted down to her feet, a soft blush staining her pale skin a ruddy colour.

“Ah, no. May I?” He stammered out, gesturing to the hat with surprisingly steady hands.

“Sure.” She agreed, keeping her body still and relaxed as possible as the man before her stepped forward, his hands reaching up to fix the hat. Marianne breathed in softly and forced herself not to inhale once more as the scent of spice, hay and something else she couldn’t pinpoint invaded her senses.

She watched as he hunched forward a little so he was closer to her height, hands calloused from work and oh, she could see the muscles in his arms flex as he shifted the hat to a more comfortable position. Their eyes locked for a second that seemed to stretch on forever and Bog took a step back quickly and cleared his throat, he knew his blush was back with a vengeance as the heat in his cheeks was just down right cruel.

She smelled like flowers, violence and something that reminded him of home.

“Ah, there much better. Beautiful.” He managed to get out and groaned inwardly at the slip of his tongue.

Marianne smothered her grin before holding out her hand for him to shake. “Marianne Fairfield.”

“Oh, Boggart King but ah, a’body calls me Bog.” He replied while shaking her hand, his brows going up at the firm shake she gave.

No man should sound this shy and adorable… “Nice to meet you Bog.”

An awkward silence seemed to descend upon them and Marianne began to turn away to leave him to his thoughts not knowing they were about her.

“Uh.. I’m gonna… Can ah… May ah perhaps get ye a drink?” He stammered out unsure, cursing himself when he saw her brows rise in surprise.

There is no way a Lass like her would be interested in yer ugly mug Bog… He scolded himself, his brows pulling down.

“Well, you were the big winner tonight, right?” Blue eyes shot to her in surprise. “I think I should be the one to buy you a drink.”

The smile was instant and followed by a surprised laugh. “Oh nae, doesn’t work like that princess, me mam would have mah behind.”

“Well okay then, you’re buying.” Marianne grinned. “And I ain’t a Princess, Wild Thang.”

Bog raised his brows and gestured for her to go first, another huff of laughter escaping his lips as she teased him. “Well a Tough Girl like you can be a princess from where ah’m from.”

They walked towards the doors with grins before Marianne jerked in surprise as a familiar blonde bundle of joy slammed into her giggling wildly, Sunny rushing out with frantic eyes.

“Ohhh Mari-Mari there you are! Hehe isn’t it luhvly!” Dawn cooed before stumbling slightly, her eyes blown wide as she looked at the tall man in awe. “Oh!”

Marianne shot Sunny a dark look as she realised that her sister, her still underage baby sister was plastered. Her grip tightened as Dawn took a stumble forward, her eyes locking onto Bog who was taking in the scene with a flabbergasted look.

“Uh, this is my baby sister Dawn. Sunny what the hell happened, I told you to watch her!” She introduced before turning her wrath upon the shorter man.

“I was! But then I went to the bathroom and when I came back she had already downed two drinks and three shots!” He explained in a hurry, his hands up in a defensive position. “Some riders bought them for her!”

Bog scowled at that, his face darkening as he cast a look through the plastic for the riders who did this. There were rules in place so this didn’t happen and the bright band for underage drinkers sat like a neon sign upon the youngers wrist. “Can ye tell me who they were, describe them. Ah’ll mak’ sure that thay get barred. This is me aunt’s place ‘n’ though she’s ditzy as thay come, there are rules.”

“Su-Sure.” Sunny stammered out before going into detail, flinching as the man’s dark gaze shifted back to him.

Marianne grimaced as she nearly took a trip to the ground as her sister stumbled once more in a fit of giggles, her hands tugging at her hair while she did so. “I need Everything tah schtop spinning for a sec… ohhh I think I’m gonna be sick.”

“What!? How sure?” Marianne demanded, trying to peel her sister away from her body but she clung to her like ivy. Oh god, she didn’t want to smell like puke, this was her favourite jacket.

Dawn hummed and flopped back, causing Sunny to quickly jerk forward to stable her. “High 90’s.”

“I should really get her home.” Marianne supplied, a little bit of regret pulling at her as she took in the disappointment in Bog’s eyes. “I would say that I’d call you… but I have a feeling, it just doesn’t work like that.”

Bog laughed. “I’ll call you?”


Author Note: Gahhhhh… adorkable!

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