Chapter Two – First Meetings

Title: The Longest Ride

Pairing: Bog/Marianne

Summary: They came from different worlds and yet they found each other anyway. There will be many hardships, many things to overcome but love will always overcome.

Based on The Longest Ride…

Author Note: I don’t really own the plot or the characters, the movie got to me and god helps me I couldn’t resist.

Third POV

Sunny cast Marianne a tense smile as she climbed into the passenger seat of the car while Dawn squeezed in the back with the triplets.

“She got you to come along?” He asked as he started the car, holding back the smirk as he got a snort in reply. “Me too.”

Marianne shot Sunny a look, one full of sympathy and understanding. Sunny and Dawn practically grew up together, hell she did too as the Elfman family lived three houses down from theirs in California. It also was the reason why she knew that Sunny had the biggest crush on Dawn, he’s been in love with her spritely sister since junior year of high school, probably even before then.

And her sweet oblivious sister won’t give him the time of day. He’s been so deeply ingrained into the Friend Zone that she could even feel it all the way here when they were still in Cali. He’d do anything for Dawn though and that was the only reason she had not read him the riot act, this included giving up Ivy League and moving here with her or in this case… taking her to some rodeo to meet cowboys.

“Well, best make the most of it.” She stated with a grimace before turning her eyes out towards the window.

She let the car ride pass in relative silence, well, what she meant was that she passed it in silence and allowed the flow of off key singing and laughter echo around her for the half an hour drive it took them to get there.

Dawn squealed as she barrelled out of the car, Rose, Fern and Violet hot on her heals in excitement. Sunny lingered by Marianne’s side warily as he watched Dawn prance and giggle in giddiness as two cowboys walked past her and tipped their hats in greeting.

“Please keep an eye on her today when I cannot.” Marianne asked softly, relaxing a fraction as he nodded quickly and took off towards Dawn.

“Mari, come on!” Dawn prompted, waving her hand frantically for her to hurry up.

Marianne sighed and sped up, her eyes taking in the people and structures around her. It smelled of hay, dirt, food and something she could not recall but reminded her of the old Fair that her mother took her to when she was younger.

“So, this is it?” She asked after catching up with her exuberant sister.

Dawn nodded and danced around her happily. “Yeah, this is it, ‘The toughest sport on dirt’!”

The sound of the crowd cheering drew Marianne’s attention from her sister to the ring, her eyes widening in wonder as the man and the bull burst forth from the chute with such violence, such beauty that it took her breath away in excitement. She watched in wonder before cringing as the man was jerked high in the air before landing with a sudden thunk on the ground.

“Ouch.” She muttered causing Violet to laugh.

“Oh that’s nothing, he got up right away. Still would hurt but maybe a bruise.”

Sunny appeared at Marianne’s and Dawns elbows, distracting her from the racket of the crowd and the beginning of the next competitor. “Here’s a beer for you Marianne and a Sprite for you Dawn.”

“How on earth did you get this?” Marianne asked with raised brows, lifting the acquired beer in question.

The blush that covered Sunny’s cheeks made her curious. “Uh, a girl bought it for me but…”

“Marianne look at that guy in the chute.” Dawn squeaked suddenly, pointing to the said man.

With a sigh she turned her eyes towards where she pointed and her breath hitched. She couldn’t see his face properly but he was tall and lean, hair dark and choppy under the black cowboy hat. She let Dawn and Sunny lead her down to the chairs where their friends held their spots at the bottom near the fence.

Marianne felt her stomach clench in excitement.

“Fans, we’re gonna go now to the Ridin’ Dirty bucking chute… where we have got local hero Boggart ‘Bog’ King! He’s a three-time PBR World Finals champion. For over a year, an injury has sidelined him.”

Bog took a deep breath as he stared down at the bull in the chute, his heart racing and stomach churning in anxiousness. His hands clenched and unclenched as he slowly levered himself over the fence and hovered above the bull below him, his feet resting on its back as it bucked.

Flashes of his last ride fresh in his memory, taunting him.

“Are you sure about this BK? No one will begrudge you if you can’t do this.” Brutus whispered, his hand clenched tight on Bog’s upper arm.

Bog shot his friend a look and sneered, letting his anger hide his fear. “I can bloody well dae this, a’m needin’ to.”

“Okay. Okay.” Brutus sighed before taking a step back but still on high alert as he watched with keen eyes as his friend took a few more deep breaths and settled above the bull.

Nausea bubbled up in his throat as the bull bucked under him once more at the sudden weight. Phantom pain wreaking havoc across his right side where the scars from the bulls blunt horn and his rib breaking through his skin as he got himself situated. Maybe Brutus was right, maybe it wasn’t time…

Ye’r a King ‘n’ we King’s are afraid o’ na bull…

His father’s words rung loudly in his head, strengthening his resolve and with a clenched hand he looked up and nodded. “Let’s go!”

He and the bull were out of the chute in a flash, his body jerking as he moved with the bucks of the bull, hand up and palm flat as it sliced through the air. He forced his body to relax, to not clench up and fight the twists and turns. He could hear the crowd and his crew cheering, could hear the beasts grunts and then he heard the blessed sound of the buzzer as he let the last buck of the bull as momentum to jump off.

His feet touched the ground with a solid thunk and sending a jolt of pain up his right side, his heart roaring in his ears as he huffed with the adrenalin pumping through his veins… he did it. He could hear Stuff screaming, the announcer announcing his win as he cheered his own excitement and faced the crowd.

“BOG!” He heard one of the rodeo clowns warn, his head whipping around as the bell under the bull clanged and in that split second he comprehended what was happening before he turned tail and ran towards the nearest gate.

Marianne’s heart jumped to her throat, fear cutting off the excitement as she watched the rider run her way, the large beast not far behind. She jerked to her feet, her thankfully empty cup tumbling to the dirt as a scream lodged in her throat.

The rider jumped and slammed into the metal railings, his hat tumbling to the ground and when she went to point it out, her breath hitched as her eyes locked onto the bluest ones she had ever seen. They were the colour of a spring sky, clear as the rivers of her home, a strong jawline with scruff and littered with scars and… he was not a handsome man, not in the traditional sense… but he was more.

He was real…

Bog jerked his head around as he took in the small faery of a woman on the front row after the first glance. Amber eyes peered at him from behind thick lashes and dark smudges, shining with something he could not place. His breath hitched as he took her in, small figure clad in dark skinny jeans and leather. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He cast a quick reluctant look back out into the arena and saw that they had managed to get the bull to the gate. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he cast one last look at the lass before jumping down to gather his bull rope and make his way back to his crew.

“Hey!” Marianne yelled, her voice strong and cutting across the small distance over the crowd, his hat in her hand.

By the Skies he was tall…

Bog turned at the call, his eyes trailing from his hat in her outstretched hand and to the face of the faery woman once more. A smile tugged at his lips, an honest to god smile. “Keep it Lass.” He told her before turning back around.

Marianne felt her once cold heart flutter, the accent oddly placed in the area they were in and yet it was somehow right for him. She felt a soft smile grace her lips as she fell back on her feet, her eyes watching his tall frame gather his things and making his way back to the gate. She didn’t know how she got from her seat to the fence or recall picking up the hat but she was oddly glad she did it when she placed the slightly large hat on her own head.

“Marianne!” Dawn squealed in excitement, bouncing to her sister’s side and unknowingly pulling Marianne from her fantasies.

A huff of laughter escaped the elder Fairfield’s throat, a roll of her eyes to cover up the sudden blush to grace her face and scowled when her friends hooted and cooed at her. Though she couldn’t help but laugh along with them, because for the first time in ages, she was having fun.

Author Note: Okay, so it’s still good right? Yes?

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