Here are just some words that I have picked up from Tumblr, Dwarrow Scholar and Fanfiction

Ghivashel – treasure of all treasures

Kidhuzurâl – golden one
amrâlimê – my love
Menu tessu – you mean everything to me
Sanûrzud – perfect (true/pure) sun
kidhuzel – (the) gold of gold
sanâzyung – perfect (true/pure) love
Mizimith – Jewel that is young

Kurdel – heart of all hearts
Âzyungel: love of loves
Amadel – Mother of all mothers
Khajimel – Gift of all Gifts
Lukhudel – Light of all Lights
Mizimelûh – jewel of all jewels or Mizimel – Jewel of all Jewels
Uzfakuh (my greatest joy)
Muhudel (blessing of blessings)
Âzyungûn, which is roughly translated to “loved one”

âzyungâl – lover
Mudùmel–Comfort of all comforts
Ûrzudel is Khuzdul for ‘sun of all suns’
hôfukel – joy of all joys
atamanel – endearment meaning breath of all breaths
melhekhel – king of (all) kings
meragel – feast of (all) feasts
bâheluh – my friend of all friends

Markhel – shield of all shields


Uslukhuê kurdu – Dragon of my heart or My dragon of heart
Nâthuê kurdu – Daughter of my heart or My Daughter of Heart

Mizim is jewel
Kurdu is heart,
Kurdûn is… heart-man, literally, but can also mean “man of my heart” or “man with heart”

“daughter – nathith”, – girl that is young

“son – inùdoy”,

“mother – ‘amad”,

“father – ‘adad”,

“sister – namad”,

“brother – nadad”,

“wife – yâsith”,

Husband – yâsûn


“sister-sons”, which we could literally translate as ‘namadinùdoy’

“sons-of-sister”, I would choose ‘inùdoynamadaz

“sister-daughter” with ‘namadnathith’ (or ’nathithnamadaz’)

nadadnathith- brother-daughter


May your forge burn bright: Tan menu selek lanun naman

Rest well, Hurun ganat

Urjukhudh – colour

Shamukh!: Hail!

nadadith – brother that is younger

nadad – brother

nadadel – brother of (all) brothers

atamanel – endearment meaning breath of all breaths
nadad – brother
nadadith – younger brother
sannadad – perfect brother
sannadadith – perfect younger brother
kidhuzel – the gold of gold (the most golden)
amad – mother
inùdôy – sons (specifically plural)
nathithuh zê- literally: daughter-my first

Irak’Adad – Uncle
Irak’Nadad – Cousin

Udâd = father (greatest of)

Ugmil ’adad (grandfather)


Hurmel = honor of (all) honors
Uhurud = battle

Gehyith = dove that is young or Little Dove

Nithul = girl-like or femme

Bâhaê ‘ugmal(ul) –friend My older(est) or My oldest friend


Ukrad–greatest heart
Kidhuzel–the gold of gold

Dushin-Mizim = “Dark Jewel” or “Black Opal”


‘amadnamad, – sister-of-mother
‘amadnadad’, – /brother of mother/
‘adadnamad – sister of father/
‘adadnadad – brother of father

or again going with my invention/interpretation,

namadaz’amad, – sister-of-mother

nadadaz’amad, – brother-of-mother

namadaz’adad – sister of father/

nadadaz’adad – brother-of-father

Ùhùrudazl – battle memory


azaghâl – warrior
bâhâl – befriender
baruf – family
gabil lukhudel – great light of (all) lights
ghivashith – treasure that is young
hôfuk kurûdaz – joy of hearts (cobbled together by me)
indad – lesser brother
inùdoy – son
kurdîth – (the) hearts that are young
khuzd – dwarf
lukhudûn – light-man
mizimith – jewel that is young, pl. mizimîth
murkhûn – literally ‘shield-man’, meant as shield-brother with the added pun of Oakenshield
nâbûn – point-man
namadith – little sister
nidoy – boy
nûrayad – second heir
rayad – heir
udad – greater father
umgil – old
undad – greater brother
zabadûn – lord man

Men lananubukhs me – I love you

“Ma tûmbaz. (Don’t touch me)”

“Melhekhul!” my king

Gimlelul (my brightest star)

Shamukh!: Hail!, in Khuzdul

Zharum: Hair, in Khuzdul

Mukhuh: Please/May I?, in Khuzdul

Amrad ‘Azug: Death Drake, in Khuzdul

Shomakhalinh – Guardian Lady or chaperone

Ruthukhînh = hand-ladies or ladies of the court

Zhahyad = respect

Emulhekh = majesty

Khulz = male or masculine

Inuthi = lesser girl

Inuthim = lesser girls

Nidayith = boy that is young

Dolzekh menu = Thank you

Muzm = beast

Ifuhyel = belly

Kibilal = charmer or charm

Zhanin = fertility

Khajima – gift

********* questionable translations

ghivâshelûh – my treasures of (all) treasures
azaghâlithûh – my warrior that is young
sanûrzud – perfect (true/pure) sun
ghivashâlh – treasured ones
kidhuzurâl – golden one
mizimelûh – my jewel of (all) jewels

Uzbad, as far as I know, means ‘Lord’ in Khuzdul.



Bâhzundushuh (my raven)


Shamrûnusullu – protector of all (m)

Shamrûnayusullu. – Protector of all (F)


[Note the add “y” to link “Shamrûna” with “u” (of)]

irakdashat – nephew

iraknâtha – niece

These words litteraly mean “side son” and “side daughter”.

agnâtnadad (agnâtkharm in Erebor) brother-in-law

agnâtnana’ sister-in-law

“kurkarukê” “my tiny raven”

or perhaps…. “gultalut” “tiny boar” (I believe I recall someone once suggesting this would be the term of endearment Dáin used with his cousin Thorin, a fun idea)

bunnanunê” “my tiny treasure”

rakl-gunru” “precious property” (word of warning – to be used very carefully)

mamamshul-‘ibinê” “my hoarded gem”

sanzigil-kaiku” “mithril chuck”

“ ‘ibinê” “my gem”


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